4 Reasons Why Businesses Are Using Document Shredding Services

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When Business Records Are Know Longer Needed

Businesses rely on documents because they contain valuable information about their company or their clients and eventually those papers are no longer needed. This is one reason why so many businesses need companies like FileShred to provide secure document shredding services but that isn’t the only one. Let’s look at the four reasons why businesses use document shredding services together.


A business may be handling a huge number of documents at a time. However, once the purpose of these documents is served, they should be shredded. Keeping these documents for a long time may cause you to forget about them, and the important information related to those might fall into the wrong hands. Even when the use of a document is discarded, it still has sensitive information related to the secrecy of the business. If this information comes into the wrong hands, it may be dangerous for the business.

In this era where everything has taken a digital turn, handling a huge number of files digitally can be an insurmountable task without shredding. With too many employees working in an office, it is nearly impossible for the boss to keep an eye on every employee and every file. A single mishandling of any file may cause the business to face a lot. Data breach becomes easier when there are too many heads handling the secretive information related to the business. Also, a huge number of documents may go missing without coming into the knowledge of the employers or even the employees. Therefore, it is always advisable that a business perform shredding periodically to rule out the files that are no longer in use and keep track of the files that are in use.

Shredding Is For Every Company

However big or small a business is, there is important information related to each file of the business. They may contain important information of the customers which can be misused if it comes into the wrong hands. So even in small businesses, shredding files is important even though they are not in use anymore. Through shredding, one can assure proper disposal of important information and prevent it from being misused by anybody.

Environmental Responsibility

Shredding involves the paper documents being destroyed and recycled again, which is good for the environment. This is in contrast to the situation wherein documents are thrown out in garbage without proper shredding, and then they end up harming the environment by piling up in landfills. Shredding also ensures that paper documents are blended in very small bits to destroy any sort of information, and then they are put into the recycling process.

Simple & Convenient

When you are shredding in-office, your employees will have to gather documents and enter each file into the shredding machine which takes essential time from the working hours. Instead, using document shredding services means the process is easy as an experienced shredding tech will come to collect your documents and take them to the mobile shredding truck to be destroyed.

Protect your confidential documents easily, with FileShred secure document shredding services. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote on your shredding needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – For Quick Reference

When Can I Get My Document Shredded?

Any day you want Monday through Saturday.  We offer next day service six days a week

Where Are My Document Shredded?

At your Connecticut location, by one of our powerful paper destruction trucks. You’ll be able to watch your documents being destroyed.

What Does On-site Shredding Cost?

We charge a rate per container.  The cost per container is based on whether you choose a one-time or ongoing service and the amount of paper you need shredded.  We will give you pricing right over the phone.

Do I Have To Remove Staples, Paper Clips & Rubber Bands?

Nope, our industrial shredders will tear right through them.  They will also cut through sealed envelopes, entire folders, and three-ring binders up to one inch thick.

Why Choose FileShred Over Other Document Destruction Services?

Because when you call us you get to speak with one of our experienced staff, get a quote and set up your appointment for the date you want Monday through Saturday.  When we come to your location we do all the work even carrying your documents up or downstairs.