Saturday Shredding


Most people work Monday through Friday. So, when they have documents to shred at home, what do they do? When shredding during the workday isn’t an option, Saturday document shredding from FileShred can provide a flexible way to shred what you need when you need it. FileShred offers document shredding services every Saturday. FileShred is one of the few shredding services that offers weekend shredding and is the only company that does not charge an extra fee for it. Our service is designed to make life easier for you by offering convenient shredding options for any lifestyle. Don’t settle for waiting to shred your old documents. Give FileShred a call, and let us easily take care of them for your today.

It is Easy to Schedule Your Saturday Shredding Service

When you’re ready to schedule your Saturday document shredding service, just give FileShred a call. One of our professionals is available seven days a week to answer your questions, explain how the shredding process works, give you a fair quote, and also schedule your paper shredding service. No reason to make multiple telephone calls—you can get it all done with just one call to FileShred. Our experts are standing by ready to help you learn the full range of options that we provide when it comes to helping you shred documents on your schedule. With Saturday shredding from FileShred, your you won’t have to stress yourself trying to find the perfect time to shred. We’ll make it work with your schedule easily so that you don’t have to give up your routine to get what you need shredded taken care of.

We Bring Shredding To You

FileShred is an on-site document shredding service with a fleet of paper shredding trucks that can come right to your home to shred your documents. Don’t bring your documents to an office supply store or a mailbox retailer to put your private documents into some container where they may sit for weeks and you never know when they get shredded. With on-site document shredding from FileShred, your documents get shredded right in front of you at your home or office before we leave. Once you get in touch with one of our shredding experts, we make it easy to set a time on Saturday—or any day—that works best for you to shred your documents. Our team always arrives on time and works fast to ensure that your documents are all destroyed right in front of you, allowing you to put your mind at ease that they’re securely destroyed the first time.

Personal Shredders Take Forever

FileShred can shred in seconds or minutes what would take hours or days with a personal shredder. A home shredder can only take a few sheets of paper at a time. Compare this to our industrial paper shredding trucks that can shred 6,000 pounds of paper an hour. Personal shredders also jam a lot and generate a lot of heat, so you need to be careful. Don’t waste your time sitting in front of a personal shredder. Just take a minute to call FileShred to have your documents shredded quickly, easily, and conveniently. Because the shredder comes to you, all of the labor is instantly removed from the process. Our team will let you sit back and relax, while they deposit all of your documents for shredding right in front of you. That way, you’ll be certain your documents have been destroyed securely without the wait.

We will do All the Work

When FileShred arrives at your home, our uniformed shredding technician will introduce themselves and show you their company-issued photo ID badge. We want you to be comfortable with the person who is coming to your home and shredding your personal documents. Then, under your instructions, our shredding technician will place your documents into a shredding bin, and it will then be locked. The sealed bin is then rolled to the paper shredding truck just steps from your front door. The shredding truck has a hydraulic system that will lift the shredding bin and empty your documents into the shredder and shred your documents. There is also a monitor on the side of the truck that will allow you to watch your document being shredded. The shredding bin holds about 300 pounds of paper, and that’s about 10 small file boxes. If your documents need to be carried up or down stairs, no problem. Our staff is happy to do it for you.

What You Should Shred

Identity thieves can use any document that has any of your private info to create a false identity and hurt you. Your information is on obvious documents such as tax returns, bank statements, utility bills, and medical records, to name a few. But, did you know that some junk mail contains enough info about you for an identity thief? So, what documents do you shred when it’s time to dispose of them? Or, do you play it safe, and shred all your documents?

It’s best to err on the side of caution, and protect yourself by shredding everything. Plus, FileShred offers hard drive destruction services that ensure that your computer data is kept safe from those who wish you harm. Hard drive destruction is also included in our Saturday shredding service, so just give us a call, and we’ll shred your documents and destroy your hard drives fast right in front of you.

What Happens to Your Shredded Documents

Your shredded documents have a value to the environment because it is recycled. Shredded paper is sent to paper mills that turn it back into paper pulp and that paper pulp is then used to make other paper products such as paper towels and napkins. Recycling one ton of paper stops the harvesting of 17 trees. Shredding protects you and the environment.

Ready to schedule your Saturday shredding service? Give FileShred a call at   (855) 54-SHRED    today to get started!