How Much Does Document Shredding Cost?

Convenient On-Site Shredding at a Reasonable Cost

FileShred offers affordable and convenient paper destruction solutions for local residents and businesses of all sizes in all industries in Connecticut and the Springfield area of Massachusetts. Below we have detailed our different on-site shredding services and the factors that go into the costs of each type of service.

We Are Happy To Answer Any Questions About Document Destruction Pricing

We have included a lot of information about our different services and their costs. If you have any questions or would like additional clarifications about how much it cost for shredding services please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are also always available to speak with you if you are ready to have your sensitive materials destroyed. We can help you choose a service, give you a quote over the phone, and also set up your appointment for the date you want Monday to Saturday.

How To Get An Accurate Mobile Shredding Service Quote

The more information you can provide about the document destruction service you need will be helpful for FileShred to provide you with a more accurate quote.  Here is a list of items that will help you and us with determining the best option for your shredding project and therefore more accurate pricing.

  • Are you looking for a one-time or ongoing shredding service?
  • If you want a one-time service how much do you have to shred? Are your documents in boxes, garbage bags, file draws, on shelves, or just stacked on a table? If in boxes, how many and what are the sizes of the boxes. Files boxes are usually in two sizes, the standard box that is 15 inches long or the legal box that is 24 inches long. If they are in garbage bags how many do you have, what is the gallon size are they, and how full are the bags. If in file draws how many? If on shelves how many?
  • If you are looking for an ongoing scheduled service, how many employees do you have? What is the square footage of your office? Do you have an idea of how frequently you want service?
  • Also, provide as much information about your location.  Is there an elevator or stairs? Where are your documents located at your location? Is there parking for our paper shredding truck? Are there specific hours we can work at the location? Do we need to provide an insurance certificate to the property owner, landlord or management company?

Our Document Shredding Services & Cost Factors

One-Time Purge Service for Businesses 

This is the service you are looking for if your company does not need to destroy business records that often. FileShred is available to come to any location you are storing your files to destroy them there. The key factor for determining the cost is the amount of documents you have to shred. That’s where the above questions come in. Your cost will be based on a price per bin. Our bin is a 95-gallon container on wheels that has a security top to protect your papers. The bin holds 300 pounds of paper. The cost per bin will be based on the number of bins that are going to be shredded. The more you have to destroy the lower the cost per bin. One thing to be aware of, when you are getting quotes make sure you ask the document destruction company what size bin they use. Some companies use a 65-gallon bin that holds 200 pounds of paper. So the price they give you per bin may be cheaper but end up costing you more.

On-Going Scheduled Shredding for Businesses

This service is for firms and organizations that are more paper-intensive and therefore are disposing of documents every working day. We provide secure containers to be placed in central locations throughout your office so your employees will have convenient access to them whenever they need to throw away documents. The containers come in a number of sizes and types to work in any office environment or any location with space limitations. The containers are bins, consoles, and slim lines and we can use any number or combination of containers for your business location. The cost of our scheduled service is based on the type of container, the number of containers, and the frequency of service. Most companies that use our scheduled program have a service frequency that is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Residential Shredding

Our residential service is an onsite service where we actually come to your home to destroy all the personal papers and files you no longer want or need to keep. We send one of our commercial shredding units to your residence so you can watch your papers being destroyed. This service is available every day but Sunday. The cost is a rate per 95-gallon bin that we shred. The cost per bin is based on the number of bins that will be required to shred your documents. The more you have to shred the lower the rate per bin. Some shredding companies use a smaller 65-gallon bin that only holds 200 pounds of paper so don’t forget to ask all firms you are speaking with what size bin they use.  All residential customers are subject to a one bin minimum.

Hard Drive Destruction

We also physically destroy old hard drives. We shred or crush the hard drives to make it impossible to ever retrieve data from that hard drive again. We also provide a certificate of destruction that will list all the hard drives destroyed by serial number. The cost to destroy a hard drive is a price per hard drive. The price is based on the number of hard drives that you need to have destroyed.  The more hard drives you have to destroy the lower the rate per hard drive.

Shredding Events

Shredding events are used as a promotional activity for a business, say thank you to customers, a public service to bring awareness to identity theft, or as a fundraiser. A shredding event is where we send our paper shredding trucks with our trained technicians to a public area for people to come and bring their documents to be shredded. The cost of this service is a rate per hour. Monday to Friday there is a 2-hour minimum and on weekends there is a 3-hour minimum. You can host a full 8-hour shredding event.


Paper shredding services are a great way to protect the personal and private information you have on documents at home or at a business from identity theft, fraud, and corporate espionage. To get specific pricing for your document destruction project give FileShred a call and we can give you a quote right over the phone.