FACTA Shredding Services

FACTA Shredding Is Easy With FileShred!

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) is a federal law that requires that businesses and individuals dispose of information that came from consumer reports in a way to protect that information against unauthorized access that means secure shredding.

Make One Call to Be FACTA Compliant

We have knowable staff available to assist you with your FACTA Shredding needs.  You may have a onetime or an ongoing need to shred consumer related documents, we have the document destruction options to accommodate both.    One call gets you the information you need, a quote and scheduling of your paper shredding service.  We offer next day shredding services Monday through Saturday.

FACTA Shredding That Comes To You

We are a mobile shredding service.  We have a fleet of paper shredding trucks that will come to your location to securely destroy your confidential documents.  Our trucks arrive at your business and your documents are quickly, efficiently and securely destroyed only steps away for your front door under your supervision.  Our trucks are equipped with video technology that will allow you to see your papers being shredded.  No other method of destroying your business records offers more convenience, security and peace of mind.

Who Does the FACTA Rule Apply to?

The Rule applies to individuals and businesses both large and small that use consumer reports.  That includes consumer reporting companies, banks, lenders, insurance companies, insurance agencies, employers, landlords, real estate management companies, government agencies, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, auto dealers, lawyers, private investigators, collection agencies, individuals and any organization that uses consumer’s private information for any purpose.  Even the personal information of home employees, such as nannies, maids or contractors is protected under the FACTA Rule.

Within FACTA is The Disposal Rule

The Disposal Rule applies to consumer reports and information pulled from consumer reports.  To make it clear any information used for a consumer’s eligibility for credit, employment, insurance plus any other purpose falls under the Disposal Rule. The Rule requires disposal practices that are reasonable and appropriate to prevent the unauthorized access to, or use of, information in a consumer report. The best way to dispose of consumer report information is shredding of papers containing consumer report information so that the information cannot be read or reconstructed.

FACTA Requires Due Diligence Before You Hire a Shredding Company

The FACTA Law requires you conduct due diligence before you hire a document destruction contractor to dispose of material specifically identified as consumer report information. Due diligence includes: reviewing an independent audit of a disposal company’s operations and/or its compliance with the Rule; obtaining information about the disposal company from several references, reviewing and evaluating the disposal company’s information security policies or procedures.  OR an easier way is to hire a shredding company that has been certified by a recognized trade association.  The NAID AAA Certification is the only recognized certification by the Federal government for document destruction companies.  FileShred is NAID AAA Certified.

Your Documents are Always Secure

You need a partner that provides professional shredding service that are reliable, secure and insures a chain of custody that will protect your documents from the time they are released until they are shredded.  When you turn your files over to FileShred they are put into locked security containers that are never left unattended to keep them secure at all times.  Once in our secure containers they are never seen or touched again until they have been completely destroyed.

When you need FACTA Shredding services just give FileShred a call you will be happy you did!