Home Shredding Services

Shredding Services That Comes To Your CT Home

You can’t turn on the TV or listen to the radio when you don’t see or hear an ad or a story about identity theft. Identity thief’s easiest targets are individuals. Documents with your personal information are the easiest way for identity thieves to access your information. Your personal information is at risk if you don’t shred your documents before you throw them away. Shred your documents easily, conveniently, and securely at home with FileShred.

Shredding At Home is Easy, Just Call FileShred

Having your documents securely destroyed in the comfort of your home is easy with FileShred. Just place a call to FileShred and our experienced and helpful staff will guide you through the whole paper shredding process. We will explain how our services work and answer all your questions. We will then determine how much you have to shred so we can give you an easy-to-understand quote with no extra or surprise charges. If you like what you hear and you are ready then during the same call you can schedule your appointment.

Shred Tomorrow with FileShred

FileShred offers next day residential document shredding services Monday through Saturday. That means you can call us today and have your documents destroyed tomorrow or you choose the day that is best for you. Don’t take off a day from work or change your schedule for us, you pick the best day for you to have your documents securely shredded at your home.

How Our Home Shredding Service Works

FileShred comes to your home to securely destroy your personal papers. FileShred is a mobile document destruction service that has a fleet of paper shredding trucks that will destroy your documents onsite just outside your home. When our truck arrives you will be greeted by one of our friendly and well-trained service technicians. He will be wearing our company uniform and he will have a picture ID badge. He will ask you to please show him what documents you would like shredded and he will do all the work even if he has to carry your documents up or downstairs. Your documents are placed into a security bin and they will be sealed so your documents are protected while they are moved to the paper shredding truck.  Our truck is equipped with a mechanical bin tipper that will lift the bin and empty your documents into the shredder and your documents are obliterated into tiny unreadable particles. You will also be able to see your documents being destroyed because all of our trucks are equipped with viewing monitors that will allow you to watch your documents going through the shredder.

AAA Certified Document Shredding

A shredding company is providing security and protection for your private information. Make sure that is what you are getting when you hire a home shredding service. FileShred is AAA Certified by NAID, the National Association of Information Destruction which is the national organization that sets the standards for the document destruction industry. The AAA Certification means that FileShred exceeds the strictest and most professional standards and procedures for the secure shredding of your documents. You can be confident and comfortable with FileShred.

An Added Benefit of Shredding

Document destruction protects you but you will be happy to learn that mobile shredding also helps to protect the environment. Your papers are recycled after they have been destroyed. Paper mills take the shredded paper and turn it back into paper pulp that is then used to make other paper products. When the shredded paper is recycled it reduces the need to harvest trees. Every 2,000 pounds of destroyed documents that are recycled actually saves 17 trees.

Home shredding can be easy and convenient if you call FileShred.