Mobile Shredding Services

On-site Paper Shredding in Connecticut

Have your confidential documents professionally destroyed at your location on the date you prefer with our mobile document shredding service. We offer next day paper shredding appointments six days a week in Connecticut, contact us today and you could be shredding tomorrow.

Make Your Mobile Document Shredding Appointment

Our professional staff is standing by to take your call and help you choose the right service for your needs whether you need a one-time service or an on-going program. They have the knowledge and experience to ask you the right questions to help you make the best shredding decision for your situation. On the first call, you will also be able to get a fair and reliable quote and if you’re ready you can also make an appointment for us to come to your Connecticut location.

What is Onsite Document Destruction?

Mobile paper shredding or onsite document destruction is where FileShred sends a truck to your location that has been outfitted with an industrial-grade shredding system.  Your confidential records are then collected and placed in one of our security containers so they can be safely moved to our truck where your documents are immediately destroyed before leaving your location.

What Does It Cost for Mobile Shredding Services

We offer two basic services, one-time and ongoing document destruction.  For our one-time service, we charge per bin shredded.  The cost per bin is based on the number of bins that will be necessary to destroy your papers.  The more you have to shred the lower the cost per bin.  Our bin is a 95-gallon container that holds 300 pounds of files.  Some shredding companies use a 65-gallon bin that only holds 200 pounds of paper so it is a good idea to ask any company you are considering what size bin they use.  For our ongoing service, we also charge a rate per container.  We offer a number of types and sizes of containers that stay on-site in your office to dispose of all documents.  The cost for each container is based on the type, the number of containers, and the frequency of service. 

The Benefits of a Mobile Shredding Service:

Immediate Destruction – With our on-site service your files go directly from your home or office to our truck and are shredded right away.  You can have peace of mind in knowing that within minutes after the bin is lifted by the automated system and emptied directly into the shredder your documents are destroyed into small unreadable fragments of paper.

Witnessed Real-time Destruction – Seeing is believing,  we invite you to accompany your documents to our high-tech shredding trucks so you can watch as your records are being destroyed at a viewing station on the side of the truck.  You’ll be able to witness the entire process from the bin being lifted into the chute by a mechanical arm, dumped into the hopper that feeds your documents into the cross-cutting blades, and then turned into tiny bits of confetti.

Less Room for Error – Since the destruction of your documents is a direct process it’s almost impossible for there to be any mistakes.  With mobile, on-site shredding, the documents are taken directly from where the papers were sitting in your home or place of business and shredded before the mobile unit leaves your facility. The process is straightforward, simple and dramatically reduces the chance for mistakes that are more likely to happen with an offsite service.

Shredding At Any Location You Choose – Since we are a mobile service our paper destruction trucks can go to any site you have your documents to shred them.  We go to many more locations than your home or office.  We can go to a self-storage facility a document storage company or any other location you are storing your paper records. 

On-Site Data Destruction Options for Connecticut Businesses

We have the service for your organization regardless of how often you need to destroy business records with our Onetime and Ongoing options.

One-time Onsite File Purges – This option allows you to call for us once or occasionally to come to your office or any location you store your files to destroy them.  There is no required number of times you have to order our services. It is entirely up to you. With our next-day service, it will give you all the flexibility you will need. 

Scheduled Mobile Office Shredding Programs – Many firms and organizations are discarding paper records often in the daily operation of their business.  For these companies, we offer our ongoing scheduled service. The onsite shredding of your documents is performed on a recurring basis.  All you and your staff need to do is discard all papers in the locked containers we provide and like clockwork, we arrive at your business location to empty the containers and destroy the documents with our paper destruction truck sitting just outside your office.  Your schedule can be as frequent as daily or as little as once a month. We’ll help you figure out the right schedule for your organization.

Mobile Residential Shredding in CT

Having your private papers destroyed at your home with our residential shredding service is the best and most convenient alternative when it time to get rid of those old tax returns or any personal document you no longer need to keep. Your papers are moved to our destruction truck in a locked bin and completely shredded with you looking on.

Witness Your Business Records Being Shredded With Our One-time Service

We invite our customers to come to our commercial paper shredding trucks to see their files being destroyed. All of our trucks have a viewing station on the side that features a screen that lets our clients see their documents going through the sharp cutting blades as it happens.

Our Mobile Destruction Trucks

We are able to bring on-site document shredding to our clients because we have a fleet of the most powerful industrial paper destruction trucks available. Our trucks commercial shredders can turn 6,000 pounds of documents into tiny unreadable particles in an hour. So whether you have a couple of boxes of old records to eliminate or you have a storage area full of files, we can make fast work of and onsite shredding project.

Take advantage of the convenience of having your confidential records destroyed at your Connecticut location when you want it done with our onsite shredding service so give FileShred a call today.