Next Day Shredding in Connecticut

Next Day Shredding Services And Document Destruction

The fact that FileShred offers next day document destruction Monday through Saturday is only part of the best shredding service in Connecticut.  A lot of companies say there the best but we want to take the time to explain why we are your best alternative to conveniently and securely destroy your confidential records onsite at   your location.  In a sentence, it is our service from your first call to the completion of the destruction of your documents.

When You Call FileShred

We know when you make a call to any type of service company you are looking forward to speaking to a person about the service you are interested in.  At FileShred, a real person will answer the telephone, not some auto attendant that tells you their options have changed so you have to listen to the choices.  We know that you want to learn how our document shredding service works, and we will take the time to explain it to you. But to make the best decision for you will require some information about the different services we offer.  Our helpful staff will explain our One-time and Ongoing Schedule Shredding services so you can choose the right option for your particular needs. Then on the same call, we will give you a fair   quote    that has no hidden costs or surcharges.  If you are ready you will also be able to schedule your document destruction appointment.

Our Pricing

Whether it is for a large   commercial shredding  job, or a smaller   residential shredding  service,  the cost of your shredding service is very easy to calculate. With us, it is based on the number of security containers we shred.  The pricing per container is based on the volume of paper you need to shred and the frequency of the service. For our one-time document destruction service, we place your files in a 95 gallon bin that holds 300 pounds of paper and we charge you for the actual number of bins we shred.  For our scheduled shredding service we provide a number of different size security containers that are kept in your offices for you to fill. The cost per security container is based on the size of the container being used and the frequency of your ongoing service. Your cost is per container plus sales tax, that’s it. We never add any other surcharges or fees.

Shredding on the Day You Want

Many of our competitors have to get back to you to let you know when they are available or they may tell you they are in your area on a specific day of the week.  So what do you do if that is not good for your schedule? Our service is about making document shredding convenient for you. We offer appointments as soon as tomorrow.  Since we are available Monday through Saturday, it’s easy for you to pick a date that works best for you.

Shredding at Your Connecticut Location

There is no document destruction service that is more convenient and secure than one that comes to your home or office to destroy your private paper records so you don’t have to go anywhere and you can witness the entire process.  FileShred has a fleet of the most advanced and powerful paper shredding trucks available. They are so powerful that they can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour and you don’t have to remove staples, paper clips, file fasteners or remove papers from folders or envelopes.  Our trucks come to your location and all of the shredding occurs just steps away from your front door.

We Do All the Work

With FileShred you don’t have to lift a finger because we will be happy to do all the work for you.  Let’s face it, documents in boxes or garbage bags are heavy. The average file box weighs 30 to 70 pounds depending on if it is a letter or legal size box.  For a one-time service when we arrive you just have to show us what documents you want to be destroyed, and we do the rest. We want our customer experience to be so positive that you will use us again and recommend us to others.  For ongoing scheduled customers, all you have to do is deposit your papers into the security containers we provide and on your scheduled service date, we come to your office and empty and shred the contents of each container, it’s that easy.

No Limits to our Great Service

Any Size Job

No job is too big or too small for FileShred.  We are happy to service customers that have as little as one box of records to destroy to clients that have thousands of boxes of business records to shred.

Have an Emergency

Have a particular problem that requires immediate attention? Give us a call!  Although we can’t guarantee it, in some cases we may be able to come to your location on the same day to shred your confidential records.

Schedule Service with Flexibility

When we take over an ongoing account from a competitor there are two common complaints. The first is the company never showed up when they were supposed to.  With FileShred, we will come when we are scheduled and if there is a reason we can’t make it we will call you and be there the next day. The second complaint is the company refused to come on any other date than the scheduled date.   We understand that sometimes your security containers get filled long before your scheduled date. No problem, gives us a call and we will be to your office the next day to empty and shred your files.

It’s All About You

Our focus is on the individual needs of each customer.  We encourage our clients to feel free to be open with us and ask any question so we can deliver the best document shredding service to meet their needs.  We look forward to speaking with you so please give us a call today.