Shredding Events

Community Shredding Events In Connecticut

In addition to helping many businesses in Connecticut with their commercial shredding needs, FileShred also teams up with organizations, groups, and businesses to host community shredding events. This is the perfect way to promote your business by helping people protect their private information at a time when identity theft is on everyone’s mind. Partnering with FileShred, your local paper shredding company is a great way to thank your customers and clients. Community shredding events are perfect for raising money or collecting food and clothing for a charity, promoting your business, or just giving back to your local community.


What is a Shredding Event?

It is simply a community block party to destroy private records. It is usually held at parks, parking lots, firehouses, police stations, town recycle centers, or anywhere there is open space and plenty of parking.  FileShred will provide one or more of our paper shredding trucks with a number of our bins for the paper to be placed in and destroyed.  Our staff will greet invited guests or the general public to take their papers and shred them on the spot.

What Does it Cost to Host a Shredding Event

We charge an hourly rate.  The rate is based on the number of shredding trucks and technicians we provide for an event.  We only charge for the actual time period of the shredding event.  We never charge any travel time to and from the location of a shredding event.   We do require a minimum number of hours for events that occur Monday through Friday and slightly higher minimums for events held on weekends.  For non-profits and charitable organizations we have some creative ways to make shredding events affordable and even make them profitable. 

Shredding in Your Community

As a local; paper shredding company in Connecticut, FileShred is available to partner with businesses, churches, organizations, and municipalities for community shredding events in CT, lasting just a couple of hours, a half-day, or even a full day. We have experience teaming with local businesses, politicians, charities, nonprofits, schools, municipalities, banks, building managers, residential organizations, and many others to hold our popular community shredding events. Hosting these document destruction events in CT help increase awareness about identity theft while giving local residents an opportunity to do something to protect themselves, helping demonstrate your commitment to your community, and creating goodwill.

We have a fleet of the most advanced mobile shredding trucks in the industry, each capable of destroying up to 6,000 pounds of paper per hour while you watch from an integrated CCTV system installed on every truck. This means we have the capacity to shred all of your guests’ documents quickly and efficiently, no matter how well-attended your community shredding event. With FileShred handling the shredding and identity theft awareness, you and your team will be free to mingle with community members, introduce your business to potential new customers and help reinforce existing customer relationships. With all that we take care of, it’s no wonder that so many of our scheduled shredding clients choose to host a shredding event in their area.

How to Advertise Your Shredding Event

The more people know about your community shredding event the more successful it will be and that means advertising. Traditional methods still work very well like posting flyers wherever you are permitted to around your local community. Libraries, grocery stores, pharmacies, laundromats or wherever community posting boards are so the public can see the flyers. Contact with local media outlets like radio, newspapers, and TV they can be very help full and maybe they will do a news segment on the event. Use the internet it far more reaching than you realize. Social media sites and local event sites are a great place to get the word out. Contact local business groups like Rotary Clubs or Chambers of Commerce to let their members know about the event and spread the word. Don’t forget about your volunteers helping you with the event get them to use of their own social networks like Facebook or Linkedin to help people know about the event.

Your Shredding Event is also a Recycling Event

The shredding event is over and you have helped your community become more aware of the importance of identity protection. There is one other benefit you should make all your guests aware of, Protecting the Environment. All of the documents and files that have been destroyed at your event are going to be recycled. That recycled paper will be used to make other paper products and reduce the need to harvest trees. It’s a win win situation.

Get A Free Guide How To Host A Shredding Event

We encourage you to contact us today or download a FREE copy of our “Organize a Shredding Event Helpful Guide” and receive personalized assistance from our expert team. We’re happy to work with you to organize the ideal community shredding event to meet your goals and best serve your local community.