Saturday Business Shredding

Saturday Shredding Services For Your Business

Maybe your business is too busy taking care of your clients Monday through Friday. Maybe you have a warehouse full of files to shred, but shredding them during the work week will be too disruptive to your operation. Whatever the reason, if it is better for your business to have your documents shredded on a Saturday, FileShred gives you that option. FileShred offers document shredding services every Saturday. FileShred is one of the few shredding services that offers Saturday shredding for businesses and is the only company that does not charge an extra fee for it.

Need Saturday Shredding Services? It’s Easy

If Saturday document shredding is good for your business, just give FileShred a call. One of our shredding experts is available to explain how our shredding services work and answer all of your questions. We will then estimate how much you have to shred based on the information you give us and provide you with a quote. If you are ready to move forward, you can also schedule your paper shredding service during the same call. There is no reason to wait for someone to get back to you or make numerous telephone calls. You can get everything taken care of with just one call to FileShred.

We Come To Your Office

FileShred is a mobile document shredding service with a fleet of industrial shredding trucks that can come right to your office and shred your documents onsite. Our paper shredding truck can shed 6,000 pounds of paper per hour so we can shred your documents quickly. With FileShred, your documents are shredded right in front of you at your office before the paper shredding truck leaves your location.

In-Office Shredders Take Forever

Why have your employee’s waist time sitting in front of an in-office shredder feeding it a page at a time when they could be doing more productive things for your business. FileShred can shred in minutes what would take hours, days or even weeks with an in-office shredder. Just take a minute to call FileShred to have your business documents will be shredded quickly, easily and conveniently.

We will do All the Work

When FileShred arrives at your office our uniformed shredding technician will show you his photo ID badge. Only well trained individuals that have been background checked and drug tested can work for FileShred. We want you to know that only experienced and trustworthy staff will be coming to your office and shredding your business files and documents. Our shredding technician will then place your documents in to a shredding bin and it will then be locked. The locked bin is taken to the paper shredding truck just outside your office. The shredding truck has an automated lifting system that will raise the shredding bin into the shredding truck and empty your documents right into the shredder and your documents are destroyed. Our shredding trucks are equipped with monitors on the side of the truck that will allow you to watch your document being shredded.

What You Should Shred

Half of every document used for business purposes has information on them that privacy laws require they be shredded before they are discarded. It will take a lot of time to analyze every document to determine if they should be shredded not to mention the possibility of making a mistake. The best business practice is to shred everything.

What Happens to Your Shredded Documents

Shredded paper has another purpose: it can be used to make other paper products. Shredded paper is recycled by being sent to paper mills so it can be turned back into paper pulp and that paper pulp is then used to make other paper products. Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees. Shredding helps to protect you and the environment.

Ready to schedule your Saturday shredding service for your business? Then give FileShred a call today.