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Residential Shredding Services In CT


With one call to FileShred you can get a quote and schedule your residential document destruction appointment in Connecticut for any date you want Monday through Saturday.

Let Us Shred for You It’s Easier

Is your home shredder always getting jammed? Does it take you hours to shred all of your private documents and mail? There’s a better way: home shredding services with FileShred. We proudly offer fast, convenient, and secure mobile services to residential customers across Connecticut.

See Your Papers Being Destroyed At Your Home

We make it easy for you to witness your sensitive personal files being destroyed on-site.  One of our powerful industrial paper shredding trucks actually comes to your home.   All those old tax papers, bank statements, medical records and any other private documents you want to dispose of will be turned into tiny unreadable particles right in front of your residence.  Our expertise and our powerful equipment can turn hours of using a home shredder into mere minutes, and you don’t have to remove those pesky paper clips, staples, rubber bands, or binder clips because our commercial equipment will cut right through them. Your documents will never leave your property before they are securely and completely destroyed.

What Does  Residential Shredding Cost in Connecticut

The cost to shred your personal papers is very straightforward with FileShred.  We charge a rate per 95-gallon bin plus sales tax.  We don’t charge any other fees or surcharges. Our bin holds 300 pounds of paper.  That is ten of the standard file boxes that are 12″ x 15″ x 10.5 “.  The rate per bin is based on the amount of documents and files you need to have shredded.  For all residential customers, we do have a one bin minimum.

The Residential Mobile Shredding Process

We make the home shredding process easy for our residential document destruction customers in Connecticut. Here’s how it works, step by step:

  1. Call us for a free consultation and estimate
  2. Gather your documents together in any container
  3. Schedule an appointment any time, Monday through Saturday
  4. Meet our friendly, uniformed driver at your home
  5. Witness your documents being destroyed

Residential Shredding for Home Offices & Home Businesses

 More and more people are working or running a business from home.   That means they are going to be dealing with files and documents relating to the work they are doing.    You are going to need a way to securely dispose of business documents.   We can provide one-time or scheduled shredding options that will work for any home office or home-based business.

You Can Trust FileShred with Your Paper Shredding Needs

We want you to be comfortable and trust the person who is coming to your home to shred your personal and private papers. All of our staff are bonded and must meet strict standards with annual background checks, annual and surprise drug testing and sign confidentiality agreements. They are also well trained to provide the most secure and helpful residential shredding service available. We will do all the work and that includes carrying your documents up or down stairs if necessary. You will find their warm demeanor and eagerness to assist you very comforting.

Hire a AAA Certified Document Shredding Company

When you hire an AAA certified company you know you have one of the best company’s destroying your personal papers. FileShred is AAA Certified Document Destruction Company by NAID, The National Association of Information Destruction. NAID is the national organization that sets the standards for information destruction. Our AAA Certification means we exceed the highest standards for security and professionalism in the document shredding industry.

What Happens To Your Shredded Paper

Residential shredding helps the environment. All of the paper we shred is recycled and used to make other paper products such as paper towels and tissues. One ton of shredded paper saves 17 trees. Destroying your documents with FileShred protects you and the environment.

On-site Document Destruction is Better than Offsite/Drop Off

If you’ve been thinking about using a home shredding service, you’ve likely seen ads for off-site or drop-off location shredding services. These may seem like attractive options at first but consider your security. If someone takes your sensitive documents away from your home, how can you be certain when or if they’re actually being destroyed? What if that truck is involved in an accident and your personal information is scattered around for everyone to see? With drop-off shredding services, your documents may sit for weeks before shredding, and you’ll never know who had access to them or when they are shredded. There’s one clear choice for convenience and security: at-home mobile shredding services from FileShred.

Residential Shredding Services Near Me

When it comes to having personal files and documents destroyed people feel more comfortable having a local company that they trust to take care of it for them.   FileShred is a local, Connecticut-based document destruction company that is also family-owned. We have been providing residential shredding services to the entire state of Connecticut since we started in business.

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