Shredding Services in Barkhamsted, CT for Home & Office

On-Site Appointments Monday to Saturday

FileShred is proud to offer document shredding services to both residential and commercial clients in Barkhamsted, CT. Protecting your identity is becoming more and more difficult to do. With FileShred, we make getting rid of your unwanted personal information easily. Simply call today, and you’ll be shredding tomorrow!

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Set Up Your Shredding Appointment

FileShred is a team of helpful shredding professionals that make your document destruction decision easy. We will answer all of your questions so you can be comfortable with your choice to use FileShred to securely destroy your private and confidential documents. We will explain how the entire shredding process works from the time you schedule your appointment to the actual destruction of your confidential files.  The last step is to tell us what day you want your appointment.  FileShred understands that residents and businesses of Barkhamsted CT all have different scheduling requirements that’s why we are very flexible when it comes to scheduling your appointment. FileShred offers next-day document destruction Monday through Saturday.

Mobile Shredding Is The Convenient Alternative – How It Works

We bring document destruction to you with our fleet of powerful paper destruction trucks.  We’ll come to your Barkhamsted CT location and place your files into one of our 96-gallon bins.  The bin will be locked and taken to our truck where it takes over by lifting the bin and emptying it directly into the shredder and your papers are destroyed.  A screen on the side of the truck lets you see your records going through the cross-cutting blades.

Choose A Destruction Service in Barkhamsted CT

One-time Shredding & File Purges for Businesses

Our one-time service is for Barkhamsted CT companies that have an occasional need to securely dispose of business records. It allows you to call for the on-site destruction of your company’s files anytime you need it.  It could be just once if that is all you need.  We will shred at your office, storage facility, or any satellite location where you have files that you would like destroyed.

Cost – You’ll be charged for each 96-gallon we shred.  Lower bin rates may apply to higher-volume shredding projects.  A one-bin minimum applies.

Scheduled Shredding Programs for Your Office

Our scheduled service accommodates businesses that need to destroy documents on a consistent basis. For scheduled shredding clients we provide security containers free of charge to dispose of and store documents in until they are destroyed.  We provide enough containers so they can be placed in central locations for all of your staff to access.  Then we come to your Barkhamsted CT office on an ongoing schedule to empty and shred the contents of the containers.  You can select a weekly, biweekly, every four weeks, or monthly schedule.

Cost – You will be charged for each time we come to your office to empty and shred the contents of each container.  The fee is based on the type and number of containers.

Residential Paper Shredding

Residents of Barkhamsted CT have an easy and convenient way to professionally shred their private papers. FileShred comes right to your home on the day that you choose Monday through Saturday to destroy all your documents right in front of you. So if it is time to get rid of those old tax returns, medical records, and household bills then it is time to call FileShred and schedule your appointment for your on-site residential paper shredding service.

Costs – Pay for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your personal papers.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Hard Drive Destruction

Those old computers can be a potential information leak.  Each computer has a hard drive and it stores a lot of information.  When you are decommissioning a computer you need to remove the hard drive and destroy it.  FileShred will come to your Barkhamsted CT location and record the serial number of every hard drive, physically destroy them so the information can never be accessed again, and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Costs – We charge for each hard drive we destroy.  Minimums may apply

Shredding Near Me Barkhamsted CT

Many people search for paper shredding services near me because they feel more comfortable having a local company like FileShred destroy their sensitive documents.  We are based in Connecticut and we are a family-owned company that individuals and businesses have trusted to shred for them for many years.

Why Pick FileShred

  • Locally owned company.
  • All shredding is performed at your Barkhamsted CT location.
  • One call for a quote and an appointment.
  • We are available Monday – Saturday.
  • A fleet of shredding trucks to serve you.
  • A trusted staff that is background checked and drug tested.
  • NAID AAA Certified.

Onsite document shredding with FileShred is your best choice. We hope you will agree and give us a call.