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Document Shredding, Solutions That Are Convenient And Available On The Date You Want It.

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant, school, business, or a resident in the Berlin CT area we all have documents like old tax returns, bank statements, medical records, reports, diaries, client files or even junk mail that need to be shredded before being disposed of.  FileShred makes it simple, convenient and secure. It starts with just one call to FileShred and you could have your documents destroyed at your location as soon as tomorrow.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

It’s Simple To Make An Appointment

Simple, because our trained and experienced customer service staff is available to answer all of your questions and explain our document destruction options so you can choose the paper shredding service that accomplishes your goals. Simple, because we help you determine how much you have to destroy whether you have one box of personal files at home to shred or you have a warehouse full of business records to destroy. Simple, because we give you a price that has no extra or surprise charges and we can schedule your appointment during the same telephone conversation.  We are available Monday through Saturday.

On-site Shredding is More Convenient

Convenient, because FileShred is a mobile document destruction company with a fleet of the most up to date paper shredding trucks. We come to you at your Berlin CT location to perform all document shredding services. Convenient, because our experienced and helpful staff will do all the work under your direction, that includes bringing your files up or downstairs. Convenient, because we put your records in a bin so we can take them to our truck and destroy them right away.  You can come to the truck and witness your papers going through the industrial blades on a screen located on the side of the vehicle.

Shredding Options For Your Company

FileShred offers Commercial Clients two document destruction service options in Berlin CT, One-Time or Schedule Shredding Services.

One-Time Shredding Service – Our one-time service is shredding only when your firm needs it. It could be event-driven like the relocation of your office or it’s time for your annual file purge. You may have accumulated documents around your office and you need to make space so it’s time to securely dispose of those files. Whatever the reason our one-time document shredding service is the answer for that occasional document destruction need.

Scheduled Shredding Service – Our Scheduled Document Destruction Service is for customers that have a regular and ongoing need to dispose of business records in a secure manner. Many businesses and organization need to dispose of files on a regular basis. Better than 50% of every piece of paper that needs to be disposed of has information on them that privacy laws require they be shredded before they are discarded. The best way to protect your business and your customers are to destroy everything with an ongoing shredding service. FileShred will provide, free of charge, lockable containers to be placed in convenient locations in your office to deposit and hold the documents to be destroyed. Then FileShred will come to your Berlin CT location and empty each container and destroy the contents on a consistent schedule such as weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Residential Shredding Experts

The mail comes every day and the piles of bills, banks statements, and junk mail continue to grow.  When some of those items are no longer needed you can’t just put them in the trash.  Identity thieves number one source of information is still from paper records put in the garbage.  Our residential shredding service will come to your home and destroy all your personal files so your information is gone permanently.  Our service that comes right to your home is available Monday through Saturday.

Green Shredding

Document shredding with FileShred protects your private information and also helps to protect the environment. All of the documents we destroy are recycled and used to make other paper products. When one ton of shredded paper is recycled it saves 17 trees.

Why FileShred

  • We’re a locally owned business.
  • Get a quote and an appointment with just one call.
  • We shred Monday – Saturday.
  • Your shredding is completed at your location.
  • Most powerful paper destruction trucks available.
  • Helpful staff that is background checked and drug screened.
  • AAA Certified by NAID,  The National Association of Information Destruction.

Why Our Service Is So Secure

We are an AAA Certified Document Shredding company certified by NAID, the National Association of Information Destruction. Our AAA Certification means we exceed the highest security standards in the information destruction industry. Secure, because all destruction of your records is performed at your Berlin CT location so your documents are completely destroyed before we leave your Berlin CT home or office. Secure, because our staff is well trained, go through complete background checks and sign confidentiality agreements so only the most trusted individuals are destroying your documents. Secure, because your paper records are placed in a security bin and it is then sealed before they are taken to the paper shredding truck to be destroyed. Secure, because from the minute you turn your files over to one of our trained uniformed staff your papers are never left unattended until they have been completely destroyed.

We look forward to assisting you with your document shredding needs so give us a call today.