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On-Site Appointments Monday to Saturday

We protect your information with onsite shredding services when it is convenient for you.

FileShred’s mobile shredding service provides residents, businesses and organizations of all kinds with a convenient and secure way to destroy their private documents at their Bristol CT location. We come to you and all of your files and important papers are shredded right in front of you.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Just Call to Start Shredding

Whether you need residential or business document destruction services just give FileShred a call. We have helpful staff waiting to assist you to make the right shredding decision. We do this by explaining our services and answering your questions. We also can provide you with a quote and set up your appointment during the same call.

Pick a Day for Your Paper Destruction Service

Wouldn’t it be great to just have your confidential records destroyed on the day that you want instead of when the shredding company is available? With FileShred you can. We destroy files Monday through Saturday so you can pick any day you want. With our next day service, you could be shredding tomorrow.

We Shred at Your Bristol CT Location

Know your confidential records are destroyed with our on-site shredding service.  We will send one of our industry-leading paper destruction trucks to your residence or company location to destroy all your documents there.  You’ll be able to watch your papers going through the high powered cutting blades on a viewing screen on the side of the truck.  Our mobile service is your most secure option and will give you peace of mind that your shredding job was completed correctly.

Reasons to Shred

No matter who you are, there are multiple reasons why you should consider calling FileShred as your shredding service in the Bristol, CT area. We’re highly experienced in helping local companies maintain legal compliance with various regulations governing the destruction of sensitive records. We also assist individuals and businesses with avoiding the risks of identity theft. Whether you’re a local resident with a shoe-box of receipts to destroy or a company with a warehouse full of business papers rely on our expert team for fast, friendly, and secure shredding services.

Compliance with Regulations

There are a variety of state and federal laws that require businesses in any industry to dispose of their paper records securely. Insurance companies, law firms, medical clinics, banks, and many other types of companies must destroy their files regularly to maintain compliance or face severe penalties while exposing their customers to the risk of identity theft. FileShred is a proven expert in helping our Bristol-area clients meet their legal shredding requirements for the utmost in security and peace of mind.

Business File Destruction

Not everyone has the same need for paper shredding. You might need to destroy documents occasionally or you might need to do it frequently. We can accommodate a single service request to an ongoing need to shred.

One-time Shredding is for those single requests or an infrequent need to securely dispose of company files. It allows you to call for our onsite professional services anytime you decide you want to destroy corporate records.  When and how often is entirely up to you.  We are happy to come to your offices and provide our one-time document destruction service whenever you call.

Scheduled Shredding is for our clients that have to destroy business records on a regular basis. We supply security containers that are left on site for you to fill as necessary. They will be placed in locations so all of your staff will be able to use them.  We then come to shred your documents on a set schedule such as weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.  Our scheduled document destruction service is the best way for your company to be compliant with privacy laws.

Residential Document Shredding

These days, everyone’s heard of identity theft, but few people understand all of the steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim. Using a residential shredding service like FileShred is a critical step to protect your personal papers from falling into the wrong hands. All someone needs to do is search your trash for a single piece of critical information, and they can ruin everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Keep your money, credit, and investments safe from identity theft by relying on residential document destruction with FileShred.  There is no excuse not to professionally destroy your files because we are available to come to your home Monday through Saturday.

NAID Certified

FileShred has been awarded NAID’s AAA certification for mobile document destruction, as well as hard drive destruction. NAID is the national standard-setting organization for the information destruction industry. NAID verifies the qualifications of certified information destruction providers through strict policies and procedures along with comprehensive scheduled and unannounced ongoing audits.

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