Businesses Need Shredding Services, Here’s Your Options

Professional document destruction services are available to any size company with any size shredding need. FileShred services the paper shredding needs of small and large firms with our one-time purge shredding and ongoing office shredding programs.

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Why Businesses Need Document Destruction Services

Keeping your company documents out of the hands of competitors and identity thieves is important to protect your business, customers and employees. Maintaining the trust and confidence of your staff and clients is essential for every business today.  By shredding all documents that are being disposed of will prevent any private information from getting into the wrong hands.

Don’t Shred In-House

Businesses that do not produce a large amount of paper often think that buying a shredder from an office supply store is more cost effective.  However, you have to pay an employee to take the time to shred documents which is very time consuming considering the limitations of these small shredders.  They can only hand a few sheets of paper at a time and after as little as 30 minutes of use you may have to stop and let the shredder cool down before you can shred again.  Not to mention that your employee could be doing something more productive for your business. Our industrial shredders can destroy in minutes what will take you days or weeks to do with a small shredder.

Option 1 – One Time Shredding & File Purges

One-time shredding is the option that lets you order document destruction services only when you need it.  We have clients that use us once every year or two and others that use us multiple times a year.  Our file purge service has a one bin minimum so it’s very reasonable for any size shredding project. You can have us shred a single box of files to any amount of documents you want destroyed. Once your documents are shredded, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction for your records.

Option 2 – Ongoing Office Shredding Programs

Whether your company needs shredding services quarterly, on a monthly or weekly basis, our ongoing shredding service is designed to be convenient and keep documents with confidential information safe.  We provide locking containers for you and your staff to deposit and store files and documents that need to be destroyed. When you are finished with a document or no longer need a file, just drop it into one of our locked containers.  We’ll come to your office on a regular scheduled time to empty the locked container(s) and shred them with one of our mobile units.

Option 3 – A Combination of One-time & Ongoing Shredding

With our paper shredding options for businesses it’s not an either or choice.  You can use a combination of both services.  You can have us come on a regular basis and also use our purge service for your annual file purge.  We are available for any combination of our services that works best for your company.

Additional Benefits of Onsite Shredding

Whether you choose our ongoing shredding service or our one-time shredding service, you do not have to do any prep work to your files.  You don’t have to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands or binder clips of any kind. You don’t have to open sealed envelopes, remove documents from folders because the commercial shredders on our trucks are capable of tearing through all these items.

Contact FileShred for more information and pricing for our one-time shredding services or our ongoing shredding services.