Certified Document Shredding

what is certified document shredding?

What Is Certified Document Shredding?

Certified Document Shredding is more than someone giving you a piece of paper saying they shredded your files, and in fact a whole process of document shredding is required before that title is granted.

NAID AAA Certification and Why Is It Important?

AAA Certification ensures an organization that the vendor they have hired to destroy their business records adheres to the best and most secure standards established in the information destruction industry. Everything from drug testing and background checking of employees that handle your information to the process and procedures that must be followed from the minute documents are turned over to them until they are destroyed.  Certification can only be achieved and maintained through comprehensive auditing that is both scheduled and unannounced and performed by independent auditors approved by the National Association of Information Destruction.

NAID® (The National Association for Information Destruction) is the internationally recognized trade organization for companies providing information destruction services. NAID has developed the industry standards that federal and state governments have adopted with the creation of privacy laws.  They also approve the standards for suppliers of products, equipment, and services to document destruction companies. NAID’s goal is to develop and maintain the integrity of the information destruction industry.

The Certification Program is offered and promoted by NAID, but it is voluntary and available to all NAID member companies providing information destruction services. However, it is important to point out that not all members of NAID are AAA Certified. NAID members can become certified for Mobile and/or Plant-based destruction of paper documents, electronic media, computer hard drive destruction and/or computer hard drive sanitization. The NAID Certification Program establishes standards for a secure destruction process including such areas relating to information destruction services including operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process, responsible disposal of destroyed materials and insurance coverages to protect all parties.

Why Choose AAA Certified Companies?

There are two reasons.  First, a company that has taken the difficult steps to become certified has shown that their performance is at the highest level in the industry.  Second, federal and state privacy laws require that you perform a thorough due diligence of any company you hire to destroy your business documents.  You can’t just give your confidential information to any shredding company and be compliant. The due diligence process is very time-consuming to do correctly.  There is an easier way to be compliant: hire a NAID AAA Certified company. In the information industry, there is only one NAID. When you choose a NAID Certified company, you satisfy the due diligence part of the law.

<How do I find a NAID Certified Company?

All AAA Certified Companies will display the AAA Certified logo on their website.  You can also go to http://directory.naidonline.org/ and click on the filter NAID AAA Certified Members and then just enter your zip code.

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