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Our Service Is Available Six Days A Week

Shredding at Your Location — As Soon As Tomorrow!

When you have confidential papers records to be shredded give us a call we can destroy them at your location tomorrow.  We can come to your Chicopee MA location and you can watch your documents being destroyed.  We’re available Monday through Saturday, so you can set an appointment that’s convenient for you.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Here’s How to Get a Shredding Quote & Appointment!

We know that when our clients call our office they find it refreshing that they can speak with an experienced person that is eager to assist them.  They will help you choose the right service to destroy your private files.  They will also be able to give you a great price quote and get your appointment on the calendar for any day you want Monday through Saturday.  We are one of the few paper shredding companies that service customers on Saturday.

We Come to You to Shred — It’s More Secure

Our on-site document destruction offers you the most security and peace of mind because we shred at your Chicopee MA location.  Our trucks are equipped with the most advanced and powerful mobile shredders in the industry.  When we arrive our uniformed techs wearing photo IDs will be easy to identify.  We will transfer your papers into our locking bins so we can safely move your files to our waiting truck. Each of our bins holds 300 pounds of paper. The truck has an automated system that will lift and empty the bin into the shredder and your files are immediately destroyed.  You can watch it all happen at the customer viewing station on the side of the truck.

Corporate File Destruction Packages

Whether you need a one-time purge appointment or want to set up an ongoing program in your office we have the mobile document destruction solution for businesses.

One-time Purge of Business Records – Properly destroy those unneeded business records only when you want to with our onetime service.  It’s perfect for an occasional need to destroy files.  Our onetime service can be performed at any location you house your company’s files.

Ongoing Scheduled Service – Many firms are mistakenly tossing documents into the office trash daily.  That can lead to a data breach.  Prevent placing your company and clients at risk with our ongoing paper destruction service.  Our scheduled service is easy and complies with all federal and state privacy laws..  We provide you with our locked bins and consoles so you always have a secure place to discard all papers.  Then automatically our staff will come to your office to remove and shred the documents.  Your recurring schedule can be daily to monthly.

We Offer Local Residents On-site Shredding

Once you put your trash to the curb it is available for people to go through that’s why you should never put personal papers in with the household garbage.  A large percentage of identity theft still occurs from people making that mistake.  So when you want to eliminate those old tax returns, bank statements, or any documents that have your private information you need to have them shredded.  We’ll come to your Chicopee MA home and you can watch us destroy them for you.

Destroy Hard Drives from Old Computers

Recycling old computers is great for the environment but there’s a lot of data on that hard drive. Make sure the hard drive is removed and destroyed before you have it recycled.  Our on-site hard drive destruction will properly destroy them so the data can never be accessed again. We record the serial number of every hard drive we destroy and give you a certificate to verify that your hard drive is properly destroyed.

Choose a NAID Certified Shredding Company

Not all shredding services are certified. FileShred is an AAA Certified document destruction company with the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). This means we have exceeded the strictest standards in the industry and handle your confidential records with the highest level security protocols.

Our Green Shredding Helps the Environment

Most people prefer to use an eco-friendly service whenever possible. No one wants to waste natural resources if we don’t have to. Everything we shred gets recycled and used in products like paper towels and many other paper goods. In fact, every ton of paper records we destroy and recycle saves 17 trees!

Give us a call to make an appointment today! We’re looking forward to serving you.