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FileShred is a great local family-owned company that offers document destruction services in the Collinsville Connecticut area. We service all types of paper shredding needs so whether you need a one-time or ongoing way to securely shred your documents we can help. We cater to our customers’ document destruction requirements in a timely, professional, and affordable manner so give us a call.

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You are just a telephone call away from getting a quote and scheduling your appointment as soon as tomorrow.  FileShred offers document destruction services in Collinsville CT Monday through Saturday to meet the different schedules of businesses and individual residents. So whether you need a one-time shredding service or you need a document destruction program on an ongoing basis a call to FileShred will give you all the assistance you need to decide on a service that will work best for you.  On the same call, you will also get a very fair quote and you can set up your appointment.

How Mobile Shredding Works in Collinsville CT

FileShred is an on-site document shredding company. What that means is all of your documents are securely destroyed at your home or office before we leave your location.  You will also have an opportunity to see your confidential records being destroyed if you prefer on a screen on the side of the truck.  When our paper shredding truck arrives at your Collinsville, CT  location your files will be placed into a 96-gallon security bin and locked to protect them. Each security bin holds about 300 pounds of paper, that is 10 small file boxes or 4 full file cabinet draws. The sealed bin is then rolled to our truck where the truck’s automated system will lift the bin into the truck and your documents will be emptied and immediately destroyed.

Our Great Document Destruction Options in Collinsville CT

One-time Shredding for Companies 

Companies can order our professional on-site service only when they have decided to get rid of those old business records.  We come to your Collinsville CT location and destroy any files you have decided to get rid of any time you call us.  Need us once not a problem, need us a few times that’s not a problem either it is entirely up to you.  We are ready to destroy your files when you are with our one-time option.

How We Calculate Our Fee –  We charge by the 96-gallon bin.  The rate is determined by how much you have to shred.  A one-bin minimum applies.

Scheduled Shredding Services for Businesses

We help any company, organization, or healthcare provider protect confidential information and be compliant with privacy laws when they are regularly discarding paper records.  To ensure that the papers are not being put into the regular trash we supply our locked security containers that are placed throughout your Collinsville CT offices so all of your employees can use them.  Our containers come in various sizes to work in any layout.  We then work with you to set up a recurring pickup schedule for FileShred to come to your office and empty and destroy the files that have been deposited in the containers.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, and monthly schedules with our ongoing service.

How We Calculate Our Fee – There is no cost to have our security containers in your office.  We only charge you when we come to your office to service the containers.  The fee for each container is based on the size and number of containers.

Residential Paper Shredding – We Come To Your Home

Everyone keeps their personal papers at home.  Your tax returns, household bills, medical files, and the never-ending pile of junk mail are somewhere in your house.  When you don’t need some of those documents anymore and want to get rid of them you have to be careful not to put them in the regular trash.  When the garbage is put out to the curb anyone can legally have access to them.  Don’t take any chances that could lead to the theft of your identity have FileShred come to your Collinsville CT home on a date that is convenient for you to destroy those files so you can witness the whole process with our onsite residential shredding service.  We service our residential customers Monday through Saturday.

How We Calculate Our Fee – You’ll pay for each bin that we place your documents in and shred.  We do have a one-bin minimum.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

Destroying a hard drive refers to the process of rendering the drive inoperable, to prevent any sensitive information from being accessed or recovered from the drive. The most secure way to destroy a hard drive is to physically destroy it. This can be done by crushing the drive or shredding it into small pieces using a specialized shredding machine. Once the drive has been physically destroyed, the data stored on it becomes irretrievable.  Let FileShred destroy your hard drives at your Collinsville CT office to protect your information.

How We Calculate Our Fee – We charge for each hard drive we destroy for you.  A minimum may apply if you are not also shredding paper.

Why Shredding Documents is Important in Collinsville CT

Identity theft and corporate espionage is a big business.  One of the best ways to make sure you, a business, clients, and employees don’t become victims is to shred every piece of paper you are throwing away.  It stops confidential information on paper records from getting into the wrong hands.  It also helps you to be compliant with Federal and State privacy laws.

Shredding is GREEN

Document shredding not only protects your private information is also protects the environment. All of the documents we shred are recycled. Every ton of documents we shred saves 17 trees. FileShred provides a great service that also is great for the environment.

Shredding Near Me Collinsville CT

If you are like most people when you are looking for a service, you start by looking for a local company.  With having your documents shredded you can work with a local company, FileShred.  We are located in Connecticut and we are a family-owned document destruction company.  We have been shredding the papers and files of Collinsville CT residents and businesses since we were founded.

Why Choose FileShred Over Other Companies

  • We are a local CT company that is family-owned.
  • We help our customers over the phone with quotes and appointments.
  • Make your appointment for any day you want Monday – Saturday.
  • All of your confidential papers are destroyed at your Collinsville CT location.
  • Our high-tech shredding trucks destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.
  • We have helpful staff you can trust because they are background checked and drug tested annually.
  • Our NAID AAA Certification means we exceed the highest standards in the industry.

For more information or to schedule an appointment right away give us a call.