Complying with HIPAA Policies in 2017

Last year saw a considerable amount of reinforcement efforts and resolution agreements from the Health and Human Services branch of HIPAA, as well as further compliance monitoring from OCR. This usually happens after a breach report is submitted, and 2016 saw its share. There was also a trend in higher settlements, though amount of affected parties wasn’t the cause. The bottom line is that compliance requirements are becoming stricter and more thoroughly regulated, and 2017 is likely going to see some changes with a new OCR administration coming on board. Whether you’re a hospital or private practice or are closing your practice, complying with requirements to the letter is essential to avoid incredibly large fines and unpleasant consequences. The need for proper destruction and disposal is at an all time high, and FileShred is here to help you meet compliance standards in 2017 with ease.

Our HIPAA-Compliance Programs

Our professional, fully trained team provides quick, reliable, on-site shredding and destruction for offices throughout the Hartford, Connecticut area. We offer multiple HIPAA-compliance programs ranging from one-time purges to regularly-scheduled shredding and destruction. We guarantee to render all PHI completely unreadable before proper disposal. From insurance records to medical records and everything in between, we can securely relieve your office of any kind of PHI at any frequency.

When you work with FileShred, you get a business partner. We professionally shred all documents for you, and we also reliably perform hard drive destruction. Our knowledge of and experience with compliance requirements allow us to provide proper documentation for you and act on your behalf in these sensitive situations. FileShred is your go-to for maintaining your reputation and avoiding up to 1.5 million dollars in violation fines.

For further questions about FileShred’s services, visit our website or call us during normal work hours at (855) 54-SHRED. Keep your business and your patients’ information safe with dependable, secure¬†shredding and destruction services in 2017.