Confidential Shredding Services in CT

The most convenient and secure way to have confidential papers shredded is with on-site document destruction services. FileShred provides confidential shredding services to businesses and residents in Connecticut six days a week. To have one of our high-powered shredding trucks come to your location, just give us a call.

It’s Normal To Want To See Your Documents Shredded

Seeing or witnessing something, as opposed to being told about it, allows or will allow someone to believe that it is true or it has occurred. With human nature being the way it is, if you don’t see something happen, you always have questions or uneasy feelings. There is a higher degree of concern with your private papers, especially with the growing identity theft problem. On-site confidential shredding alleviates those concerns because your documents are destroyed before they leave your location. With FileShred, you will be able to go to the truck with your papers and actually see your papers going through the industrial cutting blades and being turned into tiny unreadable particles.

What Confidential Documents Should Be Shredded

Instead of going through your files and papers to decide what should be securely destroyed, it is always the safest course of action to shred every document you want to dispose of. Just think if you miss a single page containing social security numbers, account numbers, or other confidential information. In business, more than half of every document you receive or create has some information that privacy laws require to be shredded. So don’t take the chance, shred them all. Even at home, your personal data is on more documents than you realize. Even personalized junk mail has enough information for an identity thief to set up phony accounts. So, just have all your documents at home shredded when you don’t need them anymore.

I Don’t Need To Shred That Often

With FileShred’s onetime or purge service, you can call for business or residential shredding services only when you need it. When you are moving and clearing out old papers you have held on to for too long, our onetime service is the answer. Are stacks of documents just taking up too much space in your home or office? Our purge service will properly eliminate them. Whatever the reason or frequency, our onetime service is available to you when you need it.

Can I Make Confidential Shredding Automatic?

If your business is like many others, you are throwing away papers every day. For these companies, documents should never be put in the regular trash where people can access them. Our scheduled service makes confidential shredding automatic. We supply locked collection containers to dispose of all documents in. We will then come on an automatic schedule to empty the containers and shred the documents.

For More Information Call FileShred

To learn more about our on-site confidential shredding services or get a quote and set up an appointment, just give us a call. We have experts standing by to assist you.