How Are We Going Green With Our Shredding Services?

How Are We Going Green With Our Shredding Services?

From the home office to the professional production environment to the elementary classroom–wherever you look today, you’re likely to see paper or paper products. Businesses generate an especially large volume of paper waste, even in the current environment of digital data. In fact, as a whole, the United States uses around 80 million tons of paper every year!

Businesses and even individuals can’t always toss paper into the recycle bin, though. Paper that contains sensitive information has to be shredded or otherwise appropriately handled, or you run the risk of identity theft, hacks, noncompliance with privacy guidelines, and even loss of an entire business.

We Save Trees by Recycling Shredded Documents

That’s why we at FileShred offer a way to keep data secure while minimizing the impact to the planet. Our shredding services include recycling. Did you know that for every ton of shredded paper that’s recycled, 17 trees are saved? Even if only 1 percent of the paper used in the U.S. every year is shredded and recycled, that’s still more than 11 million trees saved!

Secure Shredding Is Still Safe, Even if Recycling Happens

With federal guidelines, such as HIPAA, requiring organizations to take extra steps to keep customer and patient information out of the wrong hands, it’s understandable that businesses want their documents handled carefully. We understand this dilemma: one wrong step in the process, and hackers could have bags full of documents that contain everything they need to infiltrate your system, ruin your brand, or steal from customers who trusted you to keep them safe. That’s why we ensure every step in our process–from pick-up through shredding to recycling–is handled according to stringent guidelines.

Working With a Shredding Service that Cares About the Environment

If you care about the environment and want to reduce the impact your company has on it, FileShred offers an ideal partnership. Chances are, you already need to manage disposal of secure information, and now you can do it via greener processes. Here are some ways we manage to be secure and environmentally friendly.

  • We proactively look for ways to increase the amount of paper we recycle. Not all paper can be recycled, and not all paper that is recycled is the same. By partnering with someone who understands recycling streams, you can make going green easier and more efficient for your business.
  • We look for opportunities to recycle non-paper items. Did you know that we can securely shred non-paper media such as CDs and DVDs?
  • We cross-shred pages in a commercial shredder. This means paper isn’t simply cut into strips that can be puzzled back together. After passing through our machines, paper is cut into tiny bits. That increases security of your data as paper passes into the recycling process.
  • We work to continuously improve and streamline our processes, ensuring eco-friendly approaches to every solution and task.

Partner With Us to Help Save the Planet & Keep Your Data Secure

Recycling isn’t a fad. It isn’t something people are doing here and there or taking part in once a year on Earth Day. It’s becoming a way of life for people and businesses. The American Forest and Paper Association says that just over 63 percent of paper used in the United States is now being recycled. While we can never recycle 100 percent of paper due to the constraints on reusability, we can bring that number up.

Help save the planet, 17 trees at a time. The average office worker can use as many as four tons of copy paper a year. Recycling just a quarter of that means saving 17 trees for every person in your organization. Do you part with FileShred.