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Residents, businesses, and organizations of Enfield CT can safely dispose of important documents that contain private and sensitive information with FileShred.  Give us a call to get a quote and we come to your home or office to shred your documents on the date you prefer.

It is dangerous just throwing away sensitive documents with the rest of the garbage. The idea of identity thieves rummaging through your garbage cans, dumpsters or scavenging through landfills for your personal data is a reality. Identity theft is big business. Fortunately, you can greatly reduce your risk of falling victim by shredding your documents with FileShred.  Call today to make an appointment.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

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Give us a call and we will explain our document destruction services, and help you determine how much you have to destroy and how often you need shredding so you can choose the right service option for you. We will also give you a price for the service you decide on and schedule your appointment. For our client’s convenience, we offer next-day appointments Monday through Saturday.

Mobile Shredding in Enfield CT & How It Works

FileShred gives you peace of mind because all document shredding takes place at your location. All your files are completely destroyed before we leave your Enfield, CT site. You can also watch your documents being destroyed with the monitors installed on the side of every one of our trucks. When we arrive just show us what documents you want shredded.  We will place them in one of our 96-gallon bins.  The bin will be locked and taken to our truck where your documents will be destroyed right away.  Off-site shredding is not a good idea because your documents are loaded onto a truck and transported to another location so how do you know if and when they are destroyed. Have peace of mind and have your paper files destroyed on-site right in front of you with FileShred.

The Best Document Destruction Options in Enfield CT

One-Time Shredding of Business Records

Do you need to do an annual file cleanout, need room in your file room, or do you just need to get rid of old files in your Enfield CT office that are taking up too much space then our one-time shredding service is for you. Whether you need us on a few occasions or just once we are happy to come to your company and destroy your business records anytime you need us.  We can shred at any location you have company files and destroy them there.

How We Charge – We place your papers in our bins and charge you for each bin we shred.  The volume of paper you have will affect the price per bin.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Scheduled Shredding Services 

Protecting your client’s information and being compliant with privacy laws requires a secure way to dispose of documents when they are no longer needed. Scheduled shredding is the answer. Here is how it works. We provide you with security containers that are kept in your Enfield CT office to dispose of and safely store documents that need to be destroyed. We then come to your office to unlock, remove, and shred the documents from the security containers on a regular schedule. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or a monthly paper destruction schedule.  We supply the correct number of containers so they are placed in locations in your office so all of your employees will be able to conveniently use them.

How We Charge – There is no rental fee for our security containers.  You will be charged for each container when we come to service them.  The cost of each container is based on the type of containers you will need in your office.

Residential Paper Shredding

When you need to dispose of personal files at home don’t go anywhere we will be happy to come to you.  Our residential shredding service will come to your residence and destroy any of the private papers you have decided you don’t need anymore.  One of our industrial paper shredding trucks will pull up in front of your Enfield CT home and all of your records will be destroyed so you can witness it so there will be no question that your information has been professionally destroyed and is gone for good.  It is the most convenient and secure way for you to eliminate your old tax returns, medical records, bank statements, and any other household files you want to discard.

How We Charge – You will be charged by the bin that will be necessary to shred your personal papers.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Shredding Events

Invite members of the community and clients to a shredding event in Enfield CT and we will have our shredding trucks and staff there to destroy the documents they bring with them.  You can use a shredding event to promote your business, say thank you to clients, collect donations for a charity, or just help the community protect their private information.   We can help you plan and run a successful shredding event.

How We Charge – We charge an hourly rate.  The rate is determined by the number of shredding trucks and staff we provide.

Hard Drive Destruction

Your confidential information is not only on documents.  The hard drive on your computer is also storing a tremendous amount of information.  Hitting the delete button does not remove the document or file from the hard drive.  So when you are replacing a computer you need to remove the hard drive and have it destroyed.  FileShred will crush or shred your hard drive at your Enfield CT location so the data will no longer be accessible.

How We Charge –  You will be charged a rate for each hard drive you need to be destroyed.  A minimum may apply.

AAA Certified Document Destruction

FileShred is a AAA Certified Document Shredding Company. Our AAA certification means that we have met the highest standards established by NAID, The National Association of Information Destruction. NAID is the national organization that sets the standards for the information destruction industry.

Why Paper Shredding Is Important

Preventing identity theft and corporate espionage are is the primary reasons hiring a professional shredding service is important. This will reduce the chances of your information from being stolen and your exposure to liability if your customers, employees, and business data are compromised.   The majority of physical documents contain a piece of information that federal and state privacy laws require they be shredded when being disposed of.  The best and most practical policy is to shred every paper record before being thrown away.  This applies to your business as well as your personal files at home.

Why You Can Trust FileShred

We recognize that turning your confidential information over to someone you may have never met before is a little unsettling.  We understand that and we want to calm your fears.  All of our staff are background checked and drug screened annually.  They are also required to sign confidentiality agreements that require the protection and non-disclosure of our client’s data.  They go through a comprehensive training process that mandates they follow the highest and most secure policies and procedures in the performance of their duties.  You and your information are in good hands when you work with FileShred for your document destruction needs.

Help the Environment with Shredding

Your shredded documents are recycled and used to make other paper products. Just one ton of shredded paper will save 17 trees. Destroying your files with FileShred protects you and helps the environment.

Shredding Service Near Me Enfield CT

You are able to shop locally when you need shredding services.  When you are looking for a paper shredding service near me, you have one with FileShred.  We are a Connecticut-based document destruction company that is family-owned.  We have provided on-site shredding services in Enfield CT for as long as we have been in business.

What Makes Us Unique

  • We are a family-owned business based right here in CT.
  • We’re local so we care about our customers.
  • With just one call you can get a quote and an appointment.
  • Appointments are available Monday – Saturday
  • See your documents being shredded at your Enfield CT home or office.
  • We make quick work of any shredding project with our powerful paper destruction trucks that destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.
  • Our staff is well trained, background checked, and drug tested.
  • We are NAID AAA Certified which means we exceed the highest industry standards.

We are looking forward to speaking with you and helping you securely dispose of your private documents. Give FileShred a call today.