Estate Shredding Services

Estate Shredding Services hartford ctEstate Shredding Services

When you’ve been given the task to conclude an estate, that may include disposing of documents that are no longer needed. All estate documents earmarked for disposal need to be shredded. Losing a loved one is always a difficult time. It’s even more difficult when you’re left with the responsibility of taking care of someone’s final details. During this trying period, anything that can ease your burden is incredibly helpful.

Because of the emotionally delicate situation, this responsibility can be daunting. It’s also tough due to the many different tasks that need to be handled. One of the responsibilities will be going through the belongings of someone and deciding what to keep, give to other family members, and what to dispose of. As you look through the items, you will probably come upon documents such as tax returns, bank statements, credit card statements, medical records, and other personal documents. Some documents may need to be kept,  but many others can be disposed of. Even when someone has passed on, their private information is still a target of identity thieves. That’s why this information needs to be protected, even when it’s no longer needed.

FileShred makes the task of securely disposing of estate records and files both easy and convenient. Just give us a call. We’re available to speak with you seven days a week. Our compassionate and helpful staff will listen to you and recommend the estate shredding service that will meet your specific needs. We will also give you a fair and reasonable price for your document destruction service. This is in addition to scheduling a date for us to come to your location to shred the documents. Our estate document shredding service is available Monday through Saturday. We understand that you may be in town for a very short time, so we offer next day service six days a week.

We Come to You

FileShred is a mobile shredding service with a fleet of paper destruction trucks that will come to your location to shred the estate documents you’ve decided are no longer needed. When we arrive, our staff will do all the work under your direction. The records will be placed in a locked bin that is moved to the truck where documents are immediately destroyed. You can see the documents being shredded on a monitor on the side of the truck.

During a difficult time, we help to make the shredding of estate records easy. Just give FileShred a call, and we will be happy to help you.

Estate ID theft prevention tips

  • Be cautious of the private information you put into obituaries. Don’t include things like their date of birth, mother’s maiden name or address.
  • Call the Social Security Administration to report the death
  • Notify all credit bureaus and ask them to mark the account as “deceased alert.” This is a permanent credit freeze that prevents new accounts from being opened. The three main credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.
  • Contact all the financial institutions of the deceased to alert them that no one can make unauthorized transactions.
  • Have the deceased removed from all joint accounts.
  • Make sure you have enough original copies of the death certificate. You’ll need them for many tasks including closing accounts.
  • Contact the department of motor vehicles to cancel the deceased’s driver’s license, to prevent duplicates from being issued to ID thieves.