Paper Shredding for Businesses & Residents in Hampden MA

We Offer Next Day On-site Shredding Appointments Monday to Saturday

When you are looking for a shredding service that is professional, polite, and available when you need it you’re looking for FileShred.  We are available to come to your Hampden MA location to destroy your documents six days a week.  We pay attention to every detail to make your shredding experience great, easy, and convenient so give us a call today to make an appointment.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Speak to a Hampden MA Shredding Expert

When you call FileShred you get a person that answers the telephone with extensive knowledge about document destruction to assist you. We enjoy explaining our services and answering your questions so you can choose the right service for you. We will also give you a quote based on your shredding decision and schedule your document destruction appointment right away. We are available Monday through Saturday. Yes, it’s that easy!

Hampden MA Mobile Shredding – How It Works

When you choose FileShred you won’t have to leave your Hampden, MA home, or office to have your documents securely destroyed because we come to you. We have a fleet of the most advanced paper shredding trucks that allow us to destroy your confidential files conveniently just outside your location. Your papers are moved from your premises to our truck in a locked 96-gallon bin and are immediately destroyed.  There is no reason for you to have to take your heavy boxes of documents to some office supply store or a retail postal store when we can come to you and do all the work for you.

Great Document Destruction Options in Hampden MA

One-time Business Shredding

Our purge service is for any occasional reason to destroy business records in Hampden MA. You may need us just once or a few times a year, it’s up to you and we are available anytime you need us with our one-time document destruction service.  We will shred at your office or any location you have company files you would like to have destroyed.

How We Determine Your Cost –  We charge for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your documents.  The rate is based on how much you have to shred.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Scheduled Shredding Plans

Our scheduled service is for an ongoing need. It starts with FileShred providing our consoles or bins to be placed in your Hampden MA office for your documents to be disposed in and stored securely until they are destroyed. Then we come on a regular schedule to unlock, remove, and destroy the contents of each container. You can choose a regular weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or monthly schedule.  We can start your scheduled shredding service right away.

How We Determine Your Cost – Our containers stay in your office rent-free.  Our fees are based on the type of containers we supply when we come to your office to remove and shred the papers from each container.

Residential On-site Shredding

You have many different types of documents at home that have your personal information on them. When it’s time to throw them away they should be destroyed to protect that information from getting into the wrong hands. We bring professional residential shredding services to your Hampden MA home. No need for you to go anywhere with your heavy files. We will come to you and do all the work. For your convenience, we can come to your home to destroy your papers any day you choose Monday through Saturday.

How We Determine Your Cost – We place your papers in our 96-gallon bins and charge you for each bin.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Shredding Events

A great option to promote a business, give back to clients, or raise donations for a charity is a shredding event.  You pick an open location in Hampden MA like a parking lot and we send one or more of our shredding trucks with our staff to shred for the people you invite to the shredding event.  For more information on how we can help you plan and run a successful shredding event, give FileShred a call.

How We Determine Your Cost – We charge an hourly rate that is based on the number of trucks and staff used for the shredding event.

Hard Drive Destruction Service

Let FileShred destroy all your old hard drives ay your Hampden MA location so you don’t have to worry about the date being used by unauthorized individuals.  We will physically destroy hard drives so the information will no longer be available to anyone.

How We Determine Your Cost – You will pay for each hard drive we destroy.  Depending on how many hard drives need to be destroyed a minimum may apply.

How to Prepare for Your Document Destruction Service Before We Arrive

There is not much for you to do other than decide what records you need to be destroyed. We have powerful industrial shredders that can destroy entire file folders, sealed envelopes, staples, paper clips, rubber bands, binder clips, and file fasteners. We will also do the heavy lifting so there is no reason for you to carry your heavy files up or downstairs, we are happy to do it for you.

Shredding Near Me Hampden MA

We can help you shop locally with document shredding.  We are a local document destruction company that is family-owned.  We have been shredding the confidential documents of the residents and businesses located in Hampden MA since we started in business.  So when you you FileShred you are keeping your spending dollars in your community.

The Reason To Choose FileShred

  • We’re a local family-owned business.
  • We care how satisfied our customers are.
  • Get a quote and your appointment with one call.
  • You can see your documents destroyed at your Hampden MA location.
  • All our staff is background checked and drug tested.
  • We are NAID AAA Certified.

Thank you for considering FileShred and we look forward to the opportunity to service your document shredding needs.