If not done right destroying hard drives can leave you vulnerable to data breaches.  Just because a hard drive has been destroyed doesn’t guarantee the data can’t be retrieved if it is not done correctly. Data destruction is more than what most people are aware of.  To protect the security of your information there are destruction guidelines that need to be followed.  We hope the following will be of some help to you the next time you need to have hard drives destroyed.

Don’t Forget To Remove The Hard Drive

Just because a computer is outdated and of no use to you doesn’t mean someone else can use the data on the hard drive.  Failing to remove a hard drive before you get rid of the computer is dangerous and risks your personal information getting into the wrong hands.  Identity thieves know that a discarded phone or computer is a potential source of information if the hard drive is still inside.

DON’T Throw Away Decommissioned Computers

Just because you have successfully wiped and destroyed the hard drives doesn’t mean the computers can now be just tossed in the trash. Computers and other electronics contain components that are made with toxic substances which are a serious risk to the environment. When e-waste is placed in the garbage and winds up in a landfill and it pollutes the environment.  Make sure you dispose of all e-waste in a licensed computer recycle center.  They know how to recycle electronic so it has little to no negative effect on the environment.

E-Waste Disposal Conclusion

Computers and other e-waste should be properly recycled to protect the environment and your private information. Once the hard drive is properly destroyed some electronic equipment can be refurbished and repurposed and other components are broken down and recycled. Licensed e-waste recycling centers are equipped to properly evaluate what to do with each piece of electronic equipment you want to dispose of.

DO Backup’s or Data Transfers 

If you’re purchasing new technology there are probably many files and contacts you need to transfer to your new computer.  Make sure you have successfully transferred the files or have a backup of the data before you remove the hard drive and have it destroyed.

DO Physically Destroy Old Hard Drives

Overwriting or wiping your old drives is a good start but not enough. Overwritten or deleted files are still accessible by identity thieves.  The final step is always physical destruction of the hard drive.

DO Hire a Hard Drive Destruction Professional

Data destruction and information security are complicated and most businesses don’t have the knowledge and equipped to handle it in house.  FileShred is a professional data destruction, and electronic disposal company. We have the proper procedures you can trust to securely process outdated electronics and disposed of them correctly.

DON’T Destroy Hard Drives Yourself

Just because to hit a hard drive with a hammer or drilled holes in it doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to still access some of the information on the hard drive. At FileShred we have specialty equipment that will crush or shred hard drives so the data is gone for good.  We eliminate any chance that an identity thief could access any of your private information.

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