How a Document Shredding Truck Works

Mobile shredding services hartford ctHow a Document Shredding Truck Works

The mobile paper shredding truck is the tool that document destruction companies use to come to your Connecticut location to destroy your confidential files onsite. But before we can discuss how a paper shredding truck works, we have to talk about how the documents get there.

For your documents to be destroyed by a shredding truck, they have to be stored in something first. That something is a bin. The bin is a plastic container on wheels with a secured top so any papers put into it can be locked for added security. The bin is the apparatus that gets your documents to the paper shredding truck that is used by the truck to place your files in the shredder.

The Bin Tunnel

Document destruction trucks have bin tunnels that are exactly what they sound like. It’s a tunnel or chute that the through toward the shredder. Some tunnels are units that pull out from the side of the shredding truck or may open at the top of the truck.

The Bin Tipper

Within a bin tunnel there is a hydraulic lift that is equipped with claws or hooks to grab the bin and lift it into the truck in the bin tunnel or chute. The lifter is attached to a chain that glides the bin with your files to the shredder. When the bin gets to the shredder, it tips the bin over to empty the documents into the shredder. The chain is attached to a frame shaped like an upside down “J” to ensure that the bin only gets tipped into the shredder.

The Shredder

Document shredding trucks destroy paper in one of two ways. The first is with shredding blades. The multiple sets of blades shred and tear the paper into small unreadable pieces. The second type of shredder features a press that pushes paper through a shaft with sharp teeth that breaks down the paper into tiny particles. Both of these methods are very effective.

The Auger

After the paper goes through the shredder, it goes into an auger. The auger moves the shredded particles into the storage compartment of the truck and mixes them with other shredded documents. The auger is important because it moves the destroyed documents after they have been shredded. This way the shredder works faster and more efficiently.

Camera System

Paper shredding trucks are equipped with camera systems that have a number of cameras so the shredding process can be witnessed firsthand. The cameras are located in the bin tunnel, over the shredder, and in the storage compartment so you can watch your documents during the entire process.

The Control Panel

The control panel is located on the side of the paper shredding truck. The control panel is the brains of the truck that handles all the processes of the on-site shredding truck. From start to finish, everything is controlled by that panel. On the control panel is a monitor screen that allows the operator and the customer to see the process on the various cameras.

Emptying the Shredding Truck

Now the paper is shredded and in the storage area of the truck. How does it get emptied? The trucks are equipped with “Walking Floors” that move the paper out of the truck with the push of a button until it is empty.

Now that you know how a document shredding truck works, you need to witness one in person. To see a professional paper shredding truck in action at your Connecticut home or office give FileShred a call or visit