How Does On-Site Shredding Work in Connecticut

How Does On-Site Shredding Work in Connecticut

Onsite document shredding is a process where a professional shredding company like FileShred comes to your Connecticut location with a box truck equipped with an industrial shredder to destroy your confidential documents at your home, office, or any location you have papers you want to be shredded. The process typically involves the following steps:


  1. Collection: The first step is to collect all the documents that need to be shredded. You can either provide the shredding company with boxes, containers, or garbage bags with your documents inside.  The shredding service’s staff will empty them into their bins.  A bin is a plastic garbage-like container on wheels with a security top.  The bin will be locked after your papers are inside.
  2. Move To The Truck: The shredding company will then roll the locked bins with your documents inside, to their mobile shredding truck, which is parked outside your Connecticut building or home.
  3. At The Truck: The shredding company then operates the shredding system.  A tunnel is pulled out from the side of the truck where a claw is lowered.  The claw will grab the bin and raise it up into the tunnel that leads to the shredder.  At the shredder, the bin will be tipped over to empty the contents into the shredder.  The shredder will then cut the paper into small unreadable pieces, making it virtually impossible to reconstruct the documents.
  4. How To Watch The Shredding: These high-tech trucks are also equipped with a camera system that has a monitor on the side of the truck where clients can see their papers going through the cutting blades as it is happening.
  5. How Long Does it Take: Today’s powerful shredding trucks can shred thousands of pounds of paper per hour.  A standard 96-gallon shredding bin holds about 300 pounds of paper.  These trucks can shred one bin in minutes.
  6. Get Verification: Once the shredding process is complete, the shredding company should provide you with a Certificate of Destruction or a letter of destruction as proof that your documents have been securely destroyed.
  7. What Happens To Your Shredded Paper: The shredded paper is then transported to a recycling facility where it is put into a bailer so it can be compressed into large bricks of a paper, so it can be loaded, transported, and unloaded more easily.  These bricks or bails are then loaded onto trailers and transported to paper mills that will then process the shreds.  The bails will be put into water vats where ink and impurities are removed.   In these same water vats the shreds will be softened and turned into pulp.  The pulp will then be evaluated to determine what it can be used for to make new paper products.

Onsite document shredding provides a secure and convenient way to dispose of confidential documents without the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. It also ensures that the documents are securely destroyed in compliance with privacy laws and regulations.  For more information or to get a quote give FileShred a call at (860) 261-9595.



James Dowse CSDS
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