Why It’s Important to Destroy Digital Data

finder pressing the delete key on a pc keyboard

Why It’s Important to Destroy Digital Data

Before the digital age, businesses and households mainly focused on destroying paper documents to protect sensitive and confidential data. Many people still rely on shredding to get rid of their paper today. Presently, almost all companies still use shredding services, but data security has also expanded to computer storage devices. This reliance on digital devices has created an entirely new avenue for data security.

You might be under the impression that private and potentially vulnerable information—like social security numbers and bank account numbers—disappear into cyberspace once files are deleted, or a computer hard drive is wiped clean. That’s where you’d be wrong. Don’t fall into that trap. That personal data may be gone, but it’s not forgotten. You’d be surprised by just how much of your data remains on your hard drive, even after it’s broken or reformatted.

Operating systems such as Windows allow you to empty the recycle bin and ditch files. From the system’s perspective, the data no longer exists. However, that doesn’t mean that your data is irretrievable. A hacker with bad intentions can still call up deleted files. That’s because your personal info still exists until new data is written over it. That means that old computers, hard drives, and discs are still vulnerable to hackers and thieves.

When you’re moving on to a new computer, simply tossing your old hard drive into your physical recycling bin won’t prevent identity theft, financial crimes, and protected health information breaches. That doesn’t mean that there’s any need to panic. Thankfully, there are reliable options to help protect you and your data in the digital age.

FileShred offers much more than mobile residential shredding services. The local shredding service is also proud to provide onsite hard drive destruction for both business and residences. Feel free to watch as your electronic data is rendered useless to those who might use it to their advantage, and your detriment. The trucks are even equipped with monitoring screens on the side you can watch your hard drives be destroyed in real-time. The serial number of each storage device is recorded on a certificate of destruction, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your life or business can go on without painful interruption.

You can’t be too careful with your data when it comes to digital devices. Thanks to dependable services like FileShred you can make sure that your information is kept safe. Speak to one of our friendly staff members to request a quote and schedule your on-site shredding service today.