On-site Document Shredding in Mansfield CT for Home & Work

Next-Day Document Destruction Appointments Monday to Saturday

We make the secure destruction of your confidential papers very easy and convenient. We offer next day service Monday to Saturday and all your documents are shredded at your Mansfield CT location. All you have to do is contact FileShred.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

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To get started just give FileShred a call. With that one call, you’ll be able to do everything. Our expert staff will assist you in choosing a service and then give you a quote that provides you with all the costs upfront. With FileShred you’ll never be charged any extra fees or surcharges. Your appointment can also be made on the same call. We offer next-day service six days a week in Mansfield CT.

On-site Shredding Means We Shred At Your Location

Our specialized mobile on-site shredding service securely destroys all confidential records at your Mansfield Connecticut premises with one of our state-of-the-art paper destruction trucks. Show us what documents you want destroyed and we will put them in our 96-gallon bins.  The bins are taken to our truck where they will be emptied and shredded by the truck’s computerized system.  You can watch your confidential documents being destroyed on a viewing screen on the truck.

The Best Document Destruction Options in Mansfield CT

One-time Business Shredding 

Whether you are a company looking to dispose of a large number of old files or a small firm with just a few boxes to dispose of our one-time service is available for any infrequent shredding need. This service can be used as little or as often as required and no quantity is too big or too small. We can shred at your office, storage facility, or any Mansfield CT location you have business records to destroy.  All materials are destroyed on our truck before we depart.

Pricing – We charge for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your documents.  The rate is determined by how much you have to shred.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Scheduled Office Shredding

Ongoing shredding is suitable for companies looking to have their sensitive documents destroyed on a regular basis. This service can be any interval daily to weekly depending on your requirements and how fast you dispose of and accumulate paper records in your office. We supply locked receptacles as part of this service. These secure containers stay in your Mansfield CT office and make it easy to dispose of and store your no longer needed files.  They also ensure that private information is not left out in the open in your workspace.

Pricing – There is no rental fee for us to supply our security containers.  We charge a rate per container when we come to your location to service them.  The price per container is predicated on the type of containers that are being used.

Residential Paper Shredding Services

Protecting your personal information is more and more important because of the continual rise of identity theft. For peace of mind, you need to safeguard any private details on paperwork at home that you wouldn’t want anyone to see. FileShred offers residential shredding designed to be convenient and destroys your personal documents you don’t need to keep any longer just outside your Mansfield CT home. Our at-home service is available Monday through Saturday.

Pricing – You will pay a fee for each 96-gallon to be shredded with your personal papers.  A one-bin minimum applies.

Community Shredding Events

We will send our mobile shredding units and experienced staff to an open area like a parking lot.  Then we will shred the documents your guests bring to have destroyed.  It is great way to show customer appreciation, attract new potential clients, or raise donations for a local charity.  Give us a call to find out how a shredding event may be a great option for your Mansfield CT organization.

Pricing – This service is charged by an hourly rate.

Safe Destruction of your Hard Drives & Digital Media

So much of our personal information is now stored on computers or backup hard drives, thumb drives, and maybe CDs or DVDs. While so much information can now be stored so conveniently, it can be a headache when you need to get rid of the data safely. Unfortunately, just deleting the files or reformatting the disks cannot guarantee that the data is wiped out. FileShred can securely shred or crush it all for you. We completely destroy any electronic storage device so any data it stores can never be retrieved again.

Pricing – All electronic media is destroyed on a per-piece fee.  The fee is based on the type of electronic media being destroyed.

Why You Need Paper Shredding Services

By law, businesses and individuals need to securely destroy documents containing confidential information.  The improper disposal of documents with private content could result in stiff fines and penalties.  Not to mention if you don’t shred your documents your identity of trade secrets could be stolen.

Paper Shredding Service Near Me

If you prefer to buy from a local business you can when you need professional document destruction services.  FileShred started and is based in Connecticut.  We are also family-owned.  We have been shredding the confidential documents of residents and businesses in Mansfield CT since we began the operation of our company.

Helpful Tips About Document Shredding

  1. Separate the papers you want destroyed from the files you need to keep.
  2. Don’t worry about staples and paper clips. Our industrial shredding trucks will shred these items along with your documents.
  3. Place the papers to be destroyed in boxes, garbage bags or containers that make them easy to handle.
  4. Have the documents you want shredded consolidated in one place, so nothing is missed when the document destruction service arrives.
  5. Shred often to avoid the risk of documents getting into the wrong hands.
  6. Shred every piece of paper being disposed of since more than half of all documents have secure information on them to prevent making a mistake.
  7. Have secure containers in your office so staff dispose of all documents in these locked containers.
  8. There should be a Secure Chain of Custody. Your documents should be moved from your location in a locked bin to the truck where they are shredded immediately.
  9. Make sure that the company you choose has NAID AAA Certification and provides a certificate of destruction once your documents have been shredded.
  10. Check Reviews, it speaks volumes about a company.

We look forward to working with you so give us a call.