Shredding Services in Milford CT

Service Dates Available Monday to Saturday

We’ll come right to your Milford Connecticut home or business location to destroy your private papers there. We service your document destruction needs Monday through Saturday and we can be there tomorrow if need be.  Give us a call today to make your on-site shredding appointment right away.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

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Our local staff is ready to speak with you so we can get you shredding right away. They have the experience to help you with any size document destruction project. They will find out what you need and give you a great quote to get it done. Our pricing is very straight forward and we will never surprise you with any additional costs. You will also be able to set up your appointment for any date Monday to Saturday.

Shredding at Your Location is Your Best Option

Seeing your confidential papers destroyed at your location will be more reassuring. We have a fleet of trucks with the most advanced shredding technology in the industry. One of our powerful trucks will be sent to your Milford CT residence or office and you will have the opportunity to actually witness your papers being destroyed. Your job is completed before our truck pulls away. Our mobile services are the most convenient and secure way to eliminate private records on documents.

Document Destruction for Milford CT Businesses

Whether you need to shred business records often or occasionally you always need to do it in a manner that complies with privacy regulation. Our One-Time and Scheduled services help you do that.

One-Time File Purges – For those companies that dispose of documents periodically we offer our One-Time option. It’s ready anytime you are. So if you have a file cleanout that needs to get done or if you would like to reduce old files sitting in storage just give FileShred a call.

Scheduled Service for Offices – The ongoing need for your firm to dispose of documents requires a process that ensures compliance with privacy laws. The burden to follow these regulations can become time-consuming unless you let FileShred implement an ongoing shredding program for you. Our program will minimize the time of you and your staff to little more than the time it takes to toss a piece of paper in the trash. Instead of the garbage, all documents will be discarded in the locked bins and consoles we provide and remain in your office. On a regular schedule, the containers will be unlocked by our technicians so they can remove and shred the papers. We offer service periods daily to monthly.

Residential Paper Shredding

Your old tax returns, utility bills, bank statements, and even your junk mail have enough personal information on them for identity thieves to cause you problems. To stop this from happening have all of your private papers destroyed with our mobile residential shredding service. We shred all your documents at your Milford CT home with one of our industrial paper destruction trucks. It’s all completed in front of you to give you peace of mind. Our service comes directly to your home and is available every day but Sunday.

Hard Drive Destruction

Don’t forget about those old hard drives they have a lot of information on them. The only method that guarantees the data can never be retrieved is to physically destroy them. FileShred will shred or crush the hard drives so you know the information is gone permanently.

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