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On-site shredding is the most secure destruction method for your confidential paper records in Millington CT.  With FileShred you can have your documents professionally destroyed on the date you want Monday through Saturday.  Just give us a call to make an appointment as quickly as tomorrow.  We service both residential and business customers at their locations. 

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Just give us a call and we will explain our different services in Millington CT, and how they work and give you pricing.  Then if you are ready we can set up your on-site shredding service for the day you want Monday through Saturday.

We Shred at Your Millington CT Location

Our fleet of state-of-the-art paper destruction trucks, service our business and residential customers Monday through Saturday onsite.  They arrive at your Millington Connecticut location and all of your documents are destroyed there before the truck leaves. Our staff will load your papers into a locked-wheeled 96-gallon bin and take them directly to our truck.  The bin lift will mechanically hoist and empty the paper into the confidential shredding machine and all your files are destroyed. If you want to watch your papers being shredded that is not a problem, simply watch on our onboard CCTV camera. If your security protocols require you to witness the destruction of your records, there is no better option than our onsite paper shredding service.

Document Destruction Options for Every Need in Millington CT

One-Time Business Shredding

This service is used for dealing with the occasional destruction of business records in Millington CT.  If you have any volume of old files you would like to clean out then this option is for you. You can have small or large amounts of documents destroyed only when you want to have it done.  With this service, there are no minimum requirements other than paying for one bin of service.

How We Charge – Pay a fee for each 96-gallon bin that we shred.  The rate is based on how much you need shredded.   We have a one-bin minimum.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

Our Scheduled paper shredding service is for companies that have confidential information that they dispose of regularly.  We supply you with the bins or consoles to place your paper to be shredded in. These containers remain in your Millington CT office for ongoing use. They keep your confidential documents secure between services.   We’ll help you determine the right schedule for you. It could be daily to monthly or some period in between.

How We Charge – Our bin and consoles stay in your office rent-free.  A per-container fee applies when we service the container.  The size of the containers used determines the fee.

Residential Paper Shredding

With identity theft increasing every year, you really have to be aware of how you dispose of any document with your personal information on it.  Residential paper shredding reduces the risk of having your confidential documents stolen and used by these thieves to steal your identity. Let our residential shredding service come to your Millington CT home on the day you want Monday to Saturday and destroy any private papers you want to dispose of.

How We Charge – You will pay by the 96-gallon bin shredded.  A one-bin minimum applies.

Community Shredding Events

We will have our staff and powerful mobile shredders at a public location in Millington CT of your choosing to greet your guests and shred their private papers.  Shredding events can be used as a community service, promote a business, or encourage donations for a local charity.  We will help you organize, advertise, and run a successful shredding event.

How We Charge – You will pay an hourly rate for the men and trucks working at your shredding event.

Hard Drive & Digital Media Destruction

We can dispose of your electronic media in a cost-effective and secure manner by providing a state-of-the-art shredding truck at your Millington CT site to make sure your data is destroyed beyond all doubt. No matter what type of electronic storage media you need to destroy, our mobile shredders are so powerful they can reduce your hard drives and any other storage devices into small pieces so your information can never be accessed again.

How We Charge – We charge by the item destroyed.  The price is based on the type of electronic media destroyed.  Minimums may apply,

Always Shred Your Documents

The reason to shred all the documents you are throwing away is to prevent your confidential information from getting into the wrong hands.  Paper records ending up in with the trash is a major cause of identity theft and data breaches.  Reduce that risk by having all your papers and files shredded.

Paper Shredding Near Me Millington CT

If you are like most people in Millington CT, you prefer to buy from local businesses.  Shredding services is one of those businesses.  FileShred is a local Connecticut document destruction company that is family-owned.  We have been shredding for Millington CT businesses and residents since we started our firm.

The best mobile shredding service in Millington CT is just a phone call away so get in touch with FileShred today.