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The best document destruction service that actually comes to your Plainfield Connecticut location to destroy your private papers is available six days a week. FileShred will come to your home or business everyday but Sunday. Just give us a call to make your appointment.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

It Only Takes A Few Minutes to Make Your Shredding Appointment

When you speak to one of our shredding experts you will be able to quickly get the information you need, get a great quote, and set up your appointment date. We make ordering your document destruction service simple because it is all completed with just one telephone call.  Our pricing is not complicated and will never include any hidden fees or surcharges. Your service date can be tomorrow or any day Monday through Saturday.

All Document Destruction Happens at Your Home or Office

FileShred has a fleet of trucks that are equipped with the best paper shredding technology in our industry. Our file destruction trucks will be sent to your Plainfield Connecticut premises to shred your documents. Our trucks can destroy three tons of paper per hour and can also cut through staples, paper clips, and any other fasteners. Our on-site service is the most secure way for you to destroy confidential records because it happens right in front of you.

Shredding for Your Plainfield CT Business

Whether your company needs to destroy business records often or occasionally we have the services for you.

One-Time File Destruction – When you decide it’s time to get rid of those old files that have accumulated over a number of years our onetime service will get it done for you. This purge service is perfect for any time you want to securely destroy business records. It’s great when you need to do a files purge, before a move or to reduce those files sitting in storage. When you decide to eliminate documents just give FileShred a call.

Scheduled Shredding Services – Every business works with documents that contain private and proprietary information every day. Many of those documents are thrown away daily and require a secure process to do that. Our ongoing service makes it easy. The first step is for FileShred to provide your office with locked bins and consoles so you have a secure place to dispose of all papers. Your documents will be protected until our staff arrives to destroy them. The shredding of your papers will be on a regular schedule that can be any interval from daily to monthly. We are happy to adjust the frequency of your service whenever necessary.

Need Shredding at Home?

Never make the mistake of throwing any of your personal documents in the garbage it could lead to your identity being stolen. This will not happen to you if you use FileShred’s residential shredding service. We come to your Plainfield Connecticut home with one of our paper destruction trucks to shred your documents. You will be able to watch us shred your documents so you know it’s done. Our residential document destruction service is available every day buy Sunday.

We shred at your location six days a week so give FileShred a call to make your appointment.