Newtown CT Shredding Services for Residents & Businesses

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Our locally owned document destruction company will come to your Newtown Connecticut home or office to shred your documents. We’re available six days a week to conveniently come to your location to destroy your sensitive papers. Just give us a call to set up your on-site appointment.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Talk To A Shredding Expert Today

Give us a call to speak directly to one of our shredding experts. They will help you determine which document destruction service is right for your situation whether you need a one-time or ongoing service. You’ll also be given a quote for your service or project that will be very easy to
understand. We don’t ever charge any additional fees or surcharges. Then just make your appointment for the date you want Monday to Saturday.

How Newtown CT Mobile Shredding Services Work

We arrive at your Newtown CT location with one of our powerful paper destruction trucks. You’ll meet one of our well-trained technicians. They will do all the work for you. Just point out what documents you want shredded and they will do the rest. Your papers will be placed in
one of our bins. The bin is then locked and moved to our truck and your files will be immediately destroyed. We also invite you to come to our truck to witness your files being shredded.

We Have Great Document Destruction Alternatives

One-time Business Shredding Newtown CT

You just received a monthly storage bill for your documents stored off-site and you’re not sure what’s even there anymore, it’s time to eliminate some. Maybe your file room is bulging with documents and you need to do a purge. For these reasons and many more we offer our one-time service that lets you destroy files anytime you want to.  We will go to any location you have business records and shred them there.

Pricing – Pay for each 96-gallon bin we shred for you.  The more you have the lower the price per bin.  We require you to pay for at least one bin.

Newtown CT Scheduled Office Shredding 

We make ongoing document destruction convenient with our customization recurring shredding services. We work with Newtown Connecticut companies to provide a secure document destruction solution that runs like clockwork. Your day-to-day paperwork which contains private information will be discarded in the locked containers we provide for continuous use. They will be protected and kept confidential until your regular service date. On that day we arrive to empty the containers and shred the contents. Your
a regular schedule can be any period between daily to Monthly.

Pricing – Our containers stay in your office rent-free.  Just pay by the type of container when we come to service them.

Residential Shredding in Newtown CT

Let our personal document destruction service destroy your private papers so your individual information does not get into the wrong hands. We visit homes, apartments, and storage units in Newtown CT for local residents and bring our residential shredding service to where our clients need it. Your files are destroyed there so you can watch the process as it is being completed. We shred at your home or any location you have your personal documents Monday through Saturday.

Pricing – We charge for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your papers.  We require customers to pay for at least one bin.

Hard Drive Destruction

In the age of ever-changing technology, it can be easy to neglect the proper disposal of your old hard drives and other media devices. However, some of your most valuable data is on those devices. Stop the information from getting into the wrong hands with our hard drive
destruction service. We will shred or crush your hard drive so the data can never be retrieved again.

Pricing – We charge by the hard drive destroyed.  Minimums may apply.

How To Get Ready for Your Shredding Appointment

Just make sure you separate the document you want shredded for the ones you need to keep before we arrive.  Don’t worry about removing staples, paper clips, or rubberbands because our strong shredders will cut them into pieces with your documents.

We want to help you with your document shredding needs so give FileShred a call today.