Shredding Services in Bozrah CT for Businesses & Residents

Next-Day Appointments Monday to Saturday

Need to shred documents at home or at work?  FileShred can take care of it for you as soon as tomorrow.  Our mobile destruction trucks are available to come to your Borzah CT location six days a week.  Just give us a call to get a quote and appointment right away.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Your Shredding Appointment is Waiting

We don’t make onsite document destruction complicated.  Just make one call to our office and you will be able to speak directly to one of our customer service reps.  They will make the process amazingly easy. They will help you pick the right service to accomplish your objectives then give you a very fair price quote.  You will also be able to make your appointment at the same time. We offer next-day service in Bozrah CT Monday through Saturday.

We Come To Where Your Documents Are

Our industrial self-contained mobile paper destruction trucks will shred your documents at your Bozrah CT home or place of business. Our NAID-certified technician will do all the work quickly and efficiently so it will not require much of your time. You may also witness the entire shredding process. All of your confidential materials are destroyed beyond recognition, reconstruction, and readability. You may request a Certificate of Destruction certifying the location and date your materials were destroyed. Your shredded documents will be recycled to also help protect the environment

We Offer Great Document Destruction Options in Bozrah CT

One-Time Business Shredding

For that infrequent need to shred files our one-time option will accommodate your company.  If you have stored records that are beyond their retention period or you have just accumulated documents you just don’t need anymore you can make an appointment to have them destroyed at your Bozrah Connecticut location.  We can shred any amount of materials anytime you would like to have it done. When and how often is entirely up to you. One box or thousands of boxes, we can take care of it for you because we have the resources necessary for any size shredding project.

How We Charge – A fee is charged for each 96-gallon bin that is shredded.  The rate is based on how much you have to shred.  A one-bin minimum applies.

Scheduled Shredding for Businesses

When you have an ongoing need to destroy files we offer a selection of locking containers to dispose and hold records until destroyed. We then service the containers weekly, every two weeks, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.  We will work with you to find what schedule works best for your Bozrah CT company. Your ongoing service can be changed at any time if the frequency of service needs to be adjusted for any reason.

How We Charge – Our locking containers are provided rent-free.  You will be charged when we come to your office to service the containers.  The rate is based on the size containers provided.

Residential  Document Shredding 

Our mobile residential shredding service is a great weapon against identity theft.  We will come to your Bozrah CT home and shred your personal documents so they can’t be used again by anyone.  Make sure you have all papers destroyed because you would be surprised how many documents have some piece of your private information on them.  We service our residential customers Monday to Saturday so you can make an appointment for a day that works best for you.

How We Charge – You’ll pay for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your personal papers.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Shredding Event

We can help you promote your business or raise donations for a non-profit with a shredding event.  We send our trucks and staff to a public location in Bozrah CT and we shred all the documents your guests bring to the event.  We help you plan, advertise, and run your event.

How We Charge – Pay an hourly fee that is based on the number of staff and trucks we send to work the event.

Hard Drive Destruction Services 

Not all confidential information is kept on paper.  FileShred can also take care of the secure destruction of your digitally stored information as well.  We can securely shred or crush private information stored on internal or external hard drives, mobile phones, tablets, memory sticks, and backup tapes.  Our digital information destruction services are available to come to your Bozrah CT location and make sure your information can never be accessed again.

How We Charge –  A fee is charged for each hard drive we destroy.  Minimums may apply.

Paper Shredding Near Me Bozrah CT

If you prefer to shop locally you can with paper shredding services.  FileShred is a document destruction company that is a Connecticut-based firm that is family-owned. We have been shredding the confidential documents of the Bozrah CT community for many years.

We’d love to help so give FileShred a call today!