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Enjoy the convenience of our on-site paper shredding and hard drive destruction services as soon as tomorrow at your Branford CT location. FileShred offers next-day appointments six days a week to business and residential customers. Just give us a call to set up your service date.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

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In Bradford CT businesses and residents’ best choice for secure on-site shredding is FileShred because we make the secure destruction of your confidential documents very simple.  All you need to do is make one call and speak to one of our experts.  They will give you a quote and set your service up for the date you want. Since we shred Monday to Saturday it will be easy for you to have your files destroyed when you want it done.

On-site Shredding in Branford CT & How It Works

Whether you have one box of files, hundreds of boxes, a small office, or an entire building, we will come to your Branford CT location to destroy your files with one of our commercial shredding trucks.  Our service is the most convenient way for you to securely eliminate those old records because we come to you and the task is completed before we pull away.  Our staff will do all the work.  All we need you to do is show us what documents you would like to destroy.  We will place your papers in our 96-gallon bins that hold 300 pounds of paper.  We will lock the bin and then roll it to our onsite unit.  The truck’s shredding system takes it from there by lifting, emptying, and shredding the contents of each bin.

Choose The Right Document Destruction Service in Branford CT

One-Time Business Shredding 

The periodic need to shred business records can be satisfied with our one-time option.  This on-demand service is ready when you need it. We have clients that use us once then they may not need us for a few years.  Other clients call us numerous times a year. Whatever your Branford CT business shredding needs you can call us only when you need us with our purge service.  We will come to your office, storage facility, or any location in Branford you have company files that need to be destroyed.

Cost- Pay for each 96-gallon bin we need to shred your files.  The rate will be based on how much you have to shred,  We have a one-bin minimum.

Schedule Ongoing Shredding for Offices

You and your employees can’t throw away documents in the regular trash any longer because it could be a violation of the law.  To prevent this institute an ongoing shredding program in your office. We distribute our locked containers in central locations in your Branford CT office and then just dispose of your papers in these containers. We will routinely arrive at your office to empty the bins and consoles and shred the documents.  We will develop a schedule that matches your paper disposal volume.

Cost- We supply bins and consoles for free.  You will be charged a rate per container when we come to service them.

Residential Document Shredding

Everyone has mounds of private papers at home with their personal information on them.  When you want to get rid of those files you have to refrain from taking the easy road and just putting them in the trash.  Once out to the curb or in a dumpster, it is available to anyone. Don’t let identity theft happen to you, have all your documents destroyed at your Branford CT home with our residential shredding service.  You can make an appointment Monday through Saturday.

Cost- We charge for each 96-gallon bin used to shred your documents.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Community Shredding Event

We have a great idea to attract new clients or collect donations for a local charity, host a shredding event.  Have a public location in Branford CT where we can send one or more of our shredding trucks and staff to shred the documents of the people you have invited.  Don’t worry, we know how to plan, advertise, and run shredding events.  Give us a call and we can explain everything.

Cost- We charge an hourly rate for each truck and member of our staff that are needed for your shredding event.

Hard Drive Destruction Service

Your computer has a storage device called a hard drive.  It stores more information than a file room full of documents.  When you are replacing that computer you must have the hard drive destroyed because deleting files and wiping the hard drive is not enough.  FileShred will come to your Bradford CT location and destroy each hard drive so the private information can never be accessed again.

Cost– You’ll be charged for each hard drive we destroy.  Minimums may apply.

Prepare For Your Branford CT Shredding Service

It sounds a lot more involved than it really is.  All we need you to do is choose the papers you want destroyed and separate them so we don’t shred the documents you need to keep.  We know that files are full of binder clips, staples, paper clips, and rubber bands.  Don’t worry about them, we will shred them with your documents.

We Recycle The Shredded Paper

All those documents we shred for our customers get another chance at becoming other paper products.  The shredded paper is sent to paper mills and goes through a process that turns it back to paper pulp.  Once it is pulp it can then be used to make other paper products.  We save 17 trees with every ton of shredded paper we recycle.

Shredding Services Near Me Branford CT

Most people look to buy from local companies first whenever possible. You can when it comes to paper shredding services.  FileShred is a local document destruction company that was started here in Connecticut.  We are family owned and we have been shredding for the Branford CT community for as long as we have been in business.

Start your shredding project right away by giving FileShred a call today.