Onsite Shredding in Colebrook CT for Home & Business

Service Dates Available Monday to Saturday

Bring the convenience of mobile document destruction to your Colebrook Connecticut location with one call to FileShred. Our mobile service is available to individuals as well as businesses. Make an appointment for tomorrow or any day but Sunday.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Talk to a Document Destruction Expert

We are a local company so whenever you call FileShred you will be speaking to a member of our staff that lives and works in the communities we service. They have experience in helping residents and businesses in all industries choose the right service for them. We will also provide you with a reasonable quote and book your appointment for the date you prefer. One call and you’ll be all set to shred.

How On-site Shredding Works in Colebrook CT

You’ll be amazed when you see our high-tech paper destruction truck pull up to your Colebrook CT home or place of business. These trucks have all the latest advancements and can shred three tons of paper per hour. With all this power your project will be completed in no time. All you have to do is show our staff what files you want destroyed.  They will place them in a 96-gallon bin so they can be moved to our mobile unit.  The truck’s shredding system will lift, empty, and shred the contents of the bin. A viewing screen has been installed on the side of the truck so you can see your papers going through the cross-cutting blades.

Our Paper Destruction Services in Colebrook CT

One-Time File Destruction for Businesses 

With our one-time service, you can purge old company files whenever you want to. Have us come to any Colebrook CT location you have your records a few times a year or anytime you need papers shredded. We come only when you call us.

Cost- You will be charged a rate per 96-gallon bin.  The rate is based on how much paper you need shredded.  There is a one-bin minimum.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

With federal and state privacy laws businesses have mandated obligations to dispose of documents in a secure manner. Companies that discard papers regularly need a way to be compliant without the process becoming time-consuming. Our scheduled service makes you compliant and is simple to implement and use on an ongoing basis. We supply our locked receptacles for you to continually use. Our techs will arrive at your Colebrook CT office on a regular schedule to empty the containers and shred the documents. Your schedule can be any
consistent interval that is daily to monthly.

Cost- We supply our bins and consoles for free.  Just pay a container charge when serviced.

Residential Paper Shredding

Identity thieves are hoping you are going to make the mistake of just tossing your personal documents into the trash so they can steal them. Make sure you don’t make that mistake by using FileShred’s residential shredding service to destroy all your papers. Shred everything even junk mail to be sure. Our at-home service is available six days a week to come to your Colebrook CT residence.

Cost- You will be charged per 96-gallon bin used to shred your documents.  A one-bin minimum applies.

Hard Drive Destruction

A hard drive stores everything that happens on a computer. That’s why when you replace a computer the old hard drive must be removed and destroyed. Degaussing or deleting files does not remove all the information. To be sure you need to have the hard drives physically destroyed. FileShred will shred or crush your hard drives so you know your data can’t be retrieved.

Cost- You will be charged for each hard drive destroyed.  Minimums may apply.

Shredding Your Papers is Important

Shredding all of the documents you don’t need anymore will help prevent you or a business from the perils of identity theft or a data breach.  It makes the information on those papers no longer available for anyone to read.  Paper shredding also helps you be compliant with the secure disposal rules in private laws.

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