Paper Shredding Services in Hampton CT

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FileShred will come to your Hampton Connecticut home or office to destroy your confidential documents six days a week.  Give us a call to get an immediate quote for your onsite shredding service.  You can make an appointment for tomorrow if you need to shred materials that quickly.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

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To talk with one of our experts just give us a call. Let their experience help you choose the right onsite destruction service for you or your company. They will also be able to provide you with a price quote that you will find surprisingly affordable. You’ll also be able to book an appointment at the same time, just pick a date that falls between Monday to Saturday.

Have No Doubts Shred Your Papers At Your Location

When residents and businesses in Connecticut have documents to destroy they should be shredded with our On-Site service so there’s no question that their files have been destroyed. Turn to the local experts at FileShred for peace of mind. Our state of the art fleet of paper shredding trucks brings secure and convenient document destruction right to your Hampton CT location or anywhere you are storing files. Whether you need regular service or a one-time purge, FileShred can get it done when you need it.

Business Record Shredding Options

One-Time Document Destruction – Just because your company does not destroy business records that often doesn’t mean you can’t have FileShred’s professional onsite service destroy your files. Our onetime service is available to purge your old records anytime and as often as you would like. Call us once or just a few times we are happy to shred your documents anytime you need us.

Scheduled Office Shredding – When you use our ongoing service you will be able to count on our professional and friendly staff coming to your office to shred your business records automatically. We’ll service your ongoing need to destroy files on a schedule that works best for your firm. It could be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or another time frame of your choosing we will accommodate your needs. Ongoing regular service eliminates the worry of staying on top of your shredding requirements because it is automatic with FileShred.

Professional Shredding at Home

Our residential shredding service is available to destroy your personal papers at your East Hampton Connecticut home every day but Sunday. One of our advanced paper destruction trucks will be sent to your home on the date you choose and destroy all those old files you no longer need. It convenient and available when you want to have it done.

Physical Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives hold all manners of sensitive information, from personal details to financial records, credit information, medical records, etc. The theft of any of this information could be disastrous, being bought and sold and spread around the web in an instant. The only way to be sure your data is kept out of the wrong hands is by physically destroying electronic storage devices. Physical destruction involves the complete and utter physical destruction of a hard drive. Your hard drive will be shredded or crushed so the information can never be used again. The destroyed material is then recycled and the raw materials refined for the production of new products.

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