Paper Shredding Services in Tolland MA

You Choose Your Service Date Monday to Saturday

Now that you have identified the documents you would like destroyed have it done right away at your Tolland Massachusetts location.  We shred the sensitive papers of residential and business customers six days a week and in many cases we can do it for you tomorrow.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

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Our local experts are available to speak with you and explain our onetime and ongoing service options.  Let their experience help you pick the best document destruction service for you.  You’ll also be provided with a quote for the service you choose and our pricing is very fair and straight forward.  Now you’re ready to set up your appointment.  Just pick a date from Monday to Saturday.

You Can’t Beat the Security of On-Site Shredding

Seeing your confidential papers being destroyed at your Tolland MA location will give you a greater level of comfort than any other option to destroy your files.  We will come to your home or place of business with one of our commercial paper destruction units.  Your files will be placed into one of our security bins on wheels.  The bin will be locked and then moved directly to our waiting truck.  At our mobile unit, the bin is lifted, emptied and your papers shredded right away.

Document Destruction for Corporate Clients

Purge or One-time Shredding – When is a good time to shred business records?  With our one-time service anytime you want to destroy company files is a good time.  You can purge documents as infrequent or as often as you would like with our on-demand service.

Scheduled Office Shredding – Having an ongoing document destruction program in place will take the guesswork out of shredding.  It will be automatic and all you will have to do is dispose of all papers in the security containers we provide that remain in your office.  We will come to your business site on a routine schedule that can be on a daily to monthly.  The containers are emptied and locked to be used again and your papers are taken to our waiting truck and destroyed.

Shredding for the Residents of Tolland MA

Your important papers are at home.  Those documents in the wrong hands could lead to problems you would have to deal with for years.  If you just toss your papers in the trash, instead of having them shredded that’s what could happen to you.  Our residential shredding service will come to your home and destroy all the papers you want to dispose of so you won’t have to worry.  We can come to your residence Monday to Saturday so you can see your personal papers being destroyed.

Destroy Old Hard Drives

Your old drives store data forever unless you have them physically destroyed.  That means that the hard drives are shredded or crushed so the information can never be called up again.  FileShred will physically destroy your hard drives at your Tolland Massachusetts location.  We will also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that will list each serial number of the destroyed hard drives.

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