Residential & Business Paper Shredding in Warren CT

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We enjoy hearing the surprise in our customer’s voices when they hear we can shred their documents tomorrow.  We can be at your Warren Connecticut home or business any day Monday to Saturday to destroy your papers there. All you need to do to get started is give us a call.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

A Great Document Destruction Service Starts With A Call

From your first call to our office, you will see how eager our staff is to make your shredding experience with FileShred a great one.  We enjoy explaining how our purge and ongoing services work then we’ll help you choose the option that is the best fit for you.  On the same call, we will give you a quote that you will find very reasonable and set up your appointment in Warren CT for the best date for you Monday through Saturday.

On-Site Shredding in Warren CT is More Secure

Why would you have someone take your papers away or drop them off at some location without knowing they have been destroyed?  We agree there is no reason to take a chance when FileShred will come to your Warren CT location to destroy your documents there so you can witness it being done.  We have a fleet of the most advanced paper destruction trucks in the industry that arrive at our customer’s homes or offices to perform our on-site shredding services.  The process is secure because your papers go from your premises directly to our truck in a locked bin and are immediately destroyed.

Our Document Destruction Options in Warren CT

One-Time Mobile Business Shredding

It’s inevitable that your Warren CT company is going to need to destroy business records at some point.  When that time comes we have the service for you that lets you make an appointment anytime you need it with our one-time shredding service.  It’s a great option for those firms that don’t need to destroy files that often.

The Cost Of This Service – We require a one-bin minimum.  We charge you a fee for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your business records.  The bin rate is based on the volume of paper that needs to  be destroyed.

Ongoing or Scheduled Office Shredding

How does a company that is more involved with paper documents meet its legal and ethical obligations to protect private information when it is being disposed of? It’s an easy answer, Scheduled Service with FileShred.  The only thing your Warren CT company has to do is dispose of all documents in the secure containers we provide.  We do the rest by coming to your business location on a regular schedule to empty the containers and shred all the documents that have been deposited.  Your ongoing service can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  If your firm’s needs are a little different we can put together a custom schedule.

The Cost Of This Service – Our secure containers stay in your office for free.  We charge you by the type of container when we service them.

Residential Shredding Services

Half of all Americans believe their personal information is less secure now than it was five years ago but you can do something to help protect your personal information with our on-site residential shredding service.  Make sure that any document you are going to dispose of at home is shredded first.  This way if those papers have any of your information they will be destroyed in a way that your private data can no longer be used.  We come to your Warren CT residence with one of our industrial paper destruction units and you will be able to see us turn your private files into tiny unreadable particles.  We can come to your house, condo, apartment, or storage unit every day but Sunday.

The Cost Of This Service – We have a one-bin minimum for this service.  We charge you for each 96-gallon bin we shred for you.

You Must Destroy Old Hard Drives

Just because you have stopped using that old computer does not mean the information on the hard drive is not accessible.  Protect that data by having all the hard drives from decommissioned computers destroyed.  Only physical destruction ensures the data on an old hard drive is 100% destroyed.  FileShred will come to your Warren CT location to crush or shred your hard drives so you know the information can never be retrieved again.  We will also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

The Cost Of This Service –  You will pay for each hard drive we destroy for you.  minimums my apply without shredding paper also.

Shredding Documents in Warren CT is a Must

Most people don’t think it’s going to happen to them but the reality is having your confidential information stolen is a real possibility.  You can reduce that possibility by having all the documents you are throwing away shredded.  After your papers have been destroyed the information cannot be read and used by anyone.

We are ready to help so give FileShred a call today.