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There is no better document destruction service than the one that comes to your Essex CT location on the day you want to securely destroy your personal and confidential documents.  FileShred does just that.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

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From your first call to our office, we work with you to put together a service that accomplishes your goals.  Our staff is very knowledgeable and has worked with clients in all industries along with individuals so take advantage of their experience and ask as many questions as you want.  You will also be able to get a price quote and make your document destruction Essex CT appointment on the same call.

How On-site Shredding Works in Essex CT

When you make an appointment with FileShred we’ll send one of our powerful paper destruction trucks to any location in Essex CT where you hold your private records and destroy them there for you.  We can come to your office, home, or even a storage facility if that’s where your documents are. We’ll do all the work for you.  Just show us what documents you want shredded.  Our staff will put them into one of our 96-gallon bins.  These bins hold 300 pounds of paper.  Once your papers are inside the bin is locked and taken to our truck.  Our mobile unit’s shredding system will raise the bin, empty and shred the contents. the process is repeated until all your documents have been destroyed.  Our trucks also have a viewing screen for our clients to watch their papers going through the shredder.

Choose Your Document Destruction Service in Essex CT

One-Time Shredding of Business File 

The periodic need to destroy corporate paper records can be accommodated with our one-time service.  This option affords you all the flexibility to have your files destroyed anytime and as often as you would like. We can also service any size project from just a few boxes of records to large-volume projects.  We will go to where your files are in Essex CT and shred them there.  So if you have records in your office, storage facility, or another satellite location we are happy to send one of our shredding trucks there.

Cost– You are charged for each 96-gallon bin necessary to shred your records.  The more you have to shred the lower the bin rate.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Scheduled  Shredding for Offices

Our ongoing service is a way you can make the regular disposal of company documents automatic.  When a document is being discarded it will be placed into a locked container we provide that remains in your Essex CT office for continual use.  The papers remain safe and secure until we arrive to shred them. The frequency of your ongoing service can be a fixed schedule such as weekly or monthly or on-call that requires service at least once per calendar quarter.

Cost- We provide our locked containers for free.  You will be charged a fee per container when they are serviced.

Residential Document Shredding Services

Identity thieves want to steal your documents with your personal information on them.  The most common way they do this is by taking papers out of the household garbage. Prevent this by shredding all your private files instead.  Our residential shredding service will come to your Essex CT home and destroy your personal documents by turning them into tiny unreadable pieces. This at-home service is available Monday through Saturday.

Cost- You will pay for each 96-gallon bin used.  A one-bin minimum applies.

Hard Drive Shredding & Destruction

Home and office computers become obsolete.  When that happens and you replace those computers the hard drives from the old technology needs to be removed and physically destroyed.   The reason is every hard drive is an electronic storage device that holds millions of pieces of information. Shredding or crushing the hard drives is the only way to make sure the information can never be accessed again.  FileShred will come to your Essex CT location to destroy your hard drives.

Cost- We charge a fee for each hard drive we destroy.  Minimums may apply.

Preparing For Your Essex CT Shredding Service is Easy

The only thing we ask you to do is to separate the documents you want shredded from the ones you are keeping.  We know that your papers and files will have a lot of binder clips, staples, paper clips, and rubber bands.  Don’t worry about them, just leave them alone our shredders will easily destroy them with your papers.

If you’re ready to shred we’re ready to help so give FileShred a call.