Shredding Services in Thompson CT for Home & Office

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We can shred at your Thompson Connecticut residence or business location tomorrow or any day you want Monday to Saturday. Just give FileShred a call today to get a quote and make your on-site appointment. All of your sensitive documents are shredded at your location and you can witness it being done.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Let’s Get You Shredding

To get started just give us a call.  We will explain our one-time and ongoing document destruction services and we will give you pricing for the option you choose. The cost of your service will be very reasonable and we never charge any extra fees or surcharges.  On the same call, you can also set up your service date.  We work Monday to Saturday so just pick a day that is convenient for you.

On-Site Document Destruction in Thompson CT

You will be able to confirm that your private papers have been properly destroyed when they are shredded at your Thompson CT location so you can see it being done.  Our mobile service brings the secure destruction of your documents to your home or business.  Our fleet of powerful paper shredding trucks allows us to destroy our client’s files conveniently at their location.  This method is more secure than any other option because your papers go from your premises directly to the truck and they are immediately destroyed.

Our Paper Shredding Solutions in Thompson CT

One-Time Business File Shredding

Does your Company need a quick and easy way to destroy outdated business records occasionally?  Our one-time service offers any size Thompson CT organization the perfect solution for paper purges relating to a business relocation, office paper clean-outs, a file room reorganization, or any reason to dispose of documents.  Let us know when you want to do a document purge and we can be at your office or any location you are housing your files to shred them there for you.

The Costs –  You’ll pay a fee for each 96-gallon bin of documents shredded.  The fee is based on how much you have to be shredded.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Scheduled Shredding Services for Offices

Regular destruction of unwanted papers, outdated records, and expired files prevents identity theft and business fraud. It also makes you compliant with the regulatory requirements to have a secure document disposal program in place regardless of the size of your Company.  Our ongoing services ensure your information is destroyed on a regular basis. We deliver locked collection bins and consoles to your Thompson CT office so your staff can dispose of all sensitive paperwork securely whenever they need to. We work with you to determine how often we come to destroy the discarded documents that can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, every other month, or quarterly.  When the time comes, one of our professionally trained technicians collects the papers from the containers and destroys them on-site with our mobile document destruction unit.

The Costs –  Our bins and consoles stay in your office rent-free.  A fee is charged by the type of container when they are serviced.

Residential Shredding Services

Your personal information is not protected if you are just putting documents from home in the garbage.  Once your papers are in the trash anyone can get access to them.  Protect your information with residential shredding.  We come to your Thompson Connecticut house or apartment with one of our mobile units and all your papers are shredded there so you can witness the entire document destruction process.  We can come to your residence from Monday to Saturday.

The Costs –  We charge you a fee for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your documents.  We require a one-bin minimum.

Get Ready For Your Thompson CT Document Destruction Service

Please make sure you have separated the papers and files you need to be shredded from the ones you still need to hold on to.  Put them in any box, container, or garbage bags you have available.  Don’t be concerned with removing the binder clips, staples, paper clips, or rubber bands, our powerful shredders will destroy them with your documents.

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