Shredding Services in Stafford CT for Residents & Businesses

You Decide The Date Of Your Service Monday to Saturday

Our expert document destruction service will come to your location in Stafford Connecticut to destroy your confidential papers tomorrow or any day Monday to Saturday.  We service residential and business customers at their locations.  To make an appointment give us a call today.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

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If you’re ready to start shredding just give us a call.  You’ll get to speak to one of our experts that will help you choose a service then provide you with a very reasonable price quote and finally set up your appointment for the date you prefer.  FileShred destroys documents six days a week so just pick a day Monday through Saturday.

You Can Witness The Shredding of Your Documents in Stafford CT

One of our industrial Mobile Units will come to any location in Stafford CT you have your files.  A member of our professional service team will arrive at your premises at a scheduled time and date. They will collect bags, boxes, or any containers you have documents in and will then transfer them to our 96-gallon security bin so your papers can be moved safely to our mobile shredding unit whereupon they are destroyed.  The procedure can be witnessed by your staff on a viewing screen on our truck.

Paper Shredding Options in Stafford CT & How We Charge

Stafford CT One-Time Commercial Shredding & File Purges

We provide a purge service for Stafford CT customers who have small or large quantities of confidential paper records to dispose of. Whether it is a few small file boxes or bags to an office full of documents our one-time service will work best.  This service is ideal if you need to clear out storage areas if you are relocating or just purging old documents.

How We Charge –  Pay a fee for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your company files.  The price per bin is determined by how much shredding you need.  We require a one-bin minimum.

Schedule Document Destruction for Stafford CT Offices

For an ongoing service, we tailor a schedule to suit each Stafford CT customer’s requirements. This highly secure service can be performed on a regular basis where we come to your location on a repeating basis such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  This service includes FileShred providing secure consoles and bins for the disposal and storage of confidential materials for regular shredding. The shredding process is automatic and all you have to do is deposit papers in the containers we provide and FileShred does the rest.

How We Charge –  Our bins and consoles stay in your office for ongoing use for free.  We charge you by the type of container when we service them.

Residential Shredding in Stafford CT – We Come To Your Home

You have a lot of documents at home that have your personal information on them.  Every day the mail brings more. Even if you feel overwhelmed with all the paper you can’t just throw them in the trash, you’ll run the risk of identity theft.  With our residential shredding service, we’ll come to your Stafford CT home and shred the documents so that won’t happen to you.

How We Charge –  You’ll pay for each 96-gallon bin we place your documents in and shred.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Onsite Certified Computer Hard Drive Shredding.

Physical Destruction of end of life computer hard drives is the only way to be certain that the drives and the information contained in them are gone for good. Old-school degassing techniques do not guarantee success.  Our process ensures the complete and total destruction of old computer hard drives, keeping you and a business safe.  We will totally destroy your hard drives at your Stafford CT location.

How We Charge –  Pay a fee for each hard drive we destroy for you.  Minimums may apply if you are not also shredding documents.

How To Get Ready For Your Stafford CT Shredding Appointment

It is a lot simpler than you think when you hire FileShred.  Just decide what papers you want destroyed and separate them from your other files you still need to keep.  Have them in a containers or garbage bags that we can pick up and empty into our bins.  As far as the staples, paper clips, and rubber bands, don’t worry about them we can shred them with your documents.

The next step to start shredding is east, just give FileShred a call.