Shredding Services in Roxbury CT for Home & Office

We Let You Pick Your Service Date Monday to Saturday

You have decided to get those old documents shredded now get it done at your Roxbury CT location when you want it done. FileShred will come to your home or office to destroy papers records six days a week.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Let’s Set Up Your Roxbury CT Shredding Service

It doesn’t take more than a phone call to have a one-time service or start an ongoing document destruction program. Our helpful staff will assist you with putting the right service for you in place. They will give you a complete price quote that does not have any surprises and schedule your service date for tomorrow on any day you would like Monday to Saturday.

Roxbury CT Mobile Document Destruction is More Secure

Have your sensitive papers shredded at your Roxbury CT location so you know they have been destroyed. No documents will leave your site until they are completely destroyed. We destroy your records with one of our customized trucks that have been outfitted with a commercial-grade shredder that can destroy your files so the information can never be seen again. On-site destruction of your sensitive papers is the only solution that conveniently protects your privacy.

The Best Document Shredding Options in Roxbury CT

One-Time Document Destruction for Businesses

Our one-time service is designed for Roxbury CT businesses that need a single file clean-out or periodic need to purge records. Whether you have a couple of file boxes that you need to destroy or a warehouse full of expired documents, our one-time service will eliminate them for you. It allows you to call for service anytime you need it.

How We Determine Your Cost –  We charge by the 96-gallon bin.  The price per bin will be based on the quantity of papers you need shredded.  A one-bin minimum applies.

Scheduled Shredding Programs for Offices

Don’t you have enough to do in your office without adding one more responsibility? Don’t make the secure disposal of documents another time-consuming task. Let FileShred make it easy for you to be compliant with privacy regulations with our ongoing service. We provide collection bins and consoles so you have a safe and secure place to dispose of all documents. The discarded files remain locked and protected until we arrive at your Roxbury CT office to destroy them on an automatic schedule. We’ll come to your office daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

How We Determine Your Cost – The necessary bins and consoles stay in for office for no additional charge.  You will pay a fee by the type of containers when they are serviced.

Residential Paper Shredding

Identity theft is a threat to you and your family. Paper records are still the most common method that thieves use to steal your personal information. Shredding all your private documents such as bank statements, medical records, and even junk mail at home when you want to dispose of them is the best way to protect yourself. FileShred will come to your Roxbury CT home with one of our powerful document destruction trucks and shred them for you so you can see them being destroyed. Our residential shredding service is available every day but Sunday.

How We Determine Your Cost – We will charge you a fee for each 96-gallon bin we shred for you.  A one-bin minimum applies.

Hard Drive Destruction Service

One hard drive in the wrong hands could be used to steal the private information of an individual or a business. When a computer becomes obsolete or is replaced the hard drive should be removed and physically destroyed so the information will not be accessible. FileShred will shred or crush your hard drive so the information is destroyed at your Roxbury CT location.

How We Determine Your Cost –  The price for this service is a fee for each hard drive we destroy.  Minimums may apply if you are not also having documents shredded.

Prepare For Your Roxbury CT Shredding Service

Make sure the documents you want shredded are not comingled with the files you are holding onto.  Make sure they are in something we can pick up and empty into our bins.  You don’t have to remove rubber bands, paper clips, staples, or binder clips.  How shredders will destroy them with your documents.

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