On-site Paper Shredding in Shelton CT for Home & Work

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We are a local Connecticut document destruction company that comes to your Shelton CT home or business to shred your documents. Our mobile service is available Monday through Saturday and we could be to you tomorrow if you would like.  Just give FileShred a call to set up your appointment right away.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Just A Few Steps To Have Your Documents Shredded

  • Make One Call To FileShred
  • Speak to one of our experienced staff to choose a one-time or ongoing paper shredding service.
  • We will give you a quote at the same time for the document destruction service you choose.
  • Pick the date you want your documents destroyed Monday to Saturday.
  • We come to your Shelton CT location to shred.

Talk To A Shelton CT Shredding Expert Today

To make your appointment or to set up an ongoing service just give us a call. You will be able to discuss your shredding needs with one of our staff based right here in Connecticut. They will review our services with you and give you a quote for the option you choose. You will find the
cost of your document destruction job to be very reasonable and it won’t have any additional fees or surcharges. On the same call, you will be able to make your appointment for the date you want. We’re available every day but Sunday in Shelton CT.

On-Site Document Shredding in Shelton CT

You’ll feel much better seeing your confidential papers being destroyed at your Shelton Connecticut location than letting someone take them away or dropping them off somewhere and destroying them later. FileShred has a fleet of trucks that have been outfitted with the latest paper destruction technology. Our trucks are so powerful they can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour and they also cut through staples paper clips and any other file fastener.  Our mobile units come to you and destroy your files and you can watch the process on a viewing screen on the side of the truck.

The Best Options To Destroy Documents in Shelton CT

One-Time Document Destruction for Businesses

If you would like the option to use our business shredding services only when you want our one-time service will do the trick. It affords your Shelton CT firm the flexibility to order our mobile service anytime you would like to. It’s great for any file purge or if you want to reduce records you have been storing at an offsite facility.

How We Calculate Your Fee –  You’ll pay a price for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your records.  The costs is based on volume.  We require a one-bin minimum.

Scheduled Shredding for Offices

A good percentage of the documents created every day in your Shelton CT office are thrown away the same day. You can’t just toss them in a wastebasket they need to be shredded for your firm to be compliant with privacy regulations. So how do you make sure you’re being compliant? Start an ongoing shredding program with FileShred. We supply your office with locked containers to deposit all papers for destruction. Your files are protected under lock and key until removed and shredded by our trained staff. We will set up a regular schedule with you that can be daily to monthly.

How We Calculate Your Fee – We don’t charge a fee to supply our containers.  The only charges that apply is when we come to empty each container and shred your documents.  The per contain cost is based on the size of the container.

Residential Shredding Services

You need to protect your private information on paper even when you no longer need the documents. Never put them in the trash where someone can get access to them. Instead, have them professionally destroyed at your home with our residential shredding service. One of our high-tech paper destruction trucks will come to your Shelton CT house or apartment and shred your personal documents there. You’ll be able to watch the entire process so you know your files are no longer going to be a concern.

How We Calculate Your Fee – We charge you a price for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your papers.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Hard Drive Destruction

It’s not just paper records you have to worry about it’s also all that information on a hard drive. That old computer has a hard drive and until you have that hard drive destroyed the information can always be accessed. Let our Hard drive destruction service come to your Shelton CT location and shred or crush your hard drive so the data can never be retrieved again.

How We Calculate Your Fee – We charge a price for each hard drive we destroy.  Minimums may apply if you are not also shredding documents.

Why Shredding Services Are A Must in Shelton CT

The number of people that make it their job to steal confidential information is mind-boggling.  One way to help that from happening is to have all the documents you are getting rid of shredded.  When papers are professionally shredded the information on them cannot be used again.

Shredding Service Near Me Shelton CT

Better products and services comes from local companies.  That’s why the buy locally movement is so strong.  You can also buy locally with professional shredding services.  FileShred is a local document destruction company that was founded and is based here in Connecticut.  We have been destroying the confidential documents of the residents and businesses in Shelton CT since we started.

We would love to talk with you about your shredding project so give FileShred a call.