Shredding Services in Killingworth CT

Pick Your Service Date Monday to Saturday

When you need to destroy confidential papers in Killingworth CT we offer on-site document destruction on the date you prefer.  FileShred will come to your residence or business location Monday through Saturday to shred your sensitive files.  

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Order Your Shredding Service With Just One Call!

It’s true it is that simple to order the secure destruction of your files and we’ll come to your Killingworth Connecticut home or office with just one phone call.

When you call FileShred an experienced member of our staff will answer the phone to listen to your needs and make a recommendation for the option that will work best for you.  Then we will give you a straightforward quote that will not have any surprise charges and the final step is for you to decide what day you would like us to come and shred your documents.

Our Shredding Trucks Come To You

We have a fleet of the most powerful and advanced paper destruction trucks in our industry.  Our trucks can eliminate 6,000 pounds of paper per hour so we can quickly and efficiently destroy your confidential records onsite at your location.  Each truck is equipped with a camera system that has a customer viewing station that will allow you to see your papers being destroyed.

How Your Documents are Destroyed

Our truck arrives and you will see one of our uniformed service technicians.  He will ask you to show him what documents are ready to be shredded and they will be placed into a security bin and it will be locked so your confidential papers will be protected during the entire process.  The bin is then taken to our truck where the bin will be lifted by an automated system and the documents will be emptied into the shredder and destroyed.

Business Paper Destruction Services in Killingworth CT 

Document shredding has become an essential part of the operation of every business in Killingworth Connecticut.  Some businesses need to destroy business records on a regular basis and others need to shred intermittently. FileShred has the answer for both with One-time and Scheduled Shredding Services.

One-Time File Purge – The benefit of our One-time Shredding Service is it allows you to order our professional document destruction alternative only when you need it.  You decide when you want to shred your business files and you just give us a call. Your purge service will be on the day you want. We don’t require any minimum number of visits to your office; it could be just once if that is all you want.

Scheduled Office Shredding – Paper business records come in many forms that have private information on them.  Many businesses rely on that information to service their customers. Those documents are used and may be disposed of daily when you are finished with them.  Don’t put them in the regular trash they need to be shredded. We make that easy. We provide security containers to dispose of all of your paper documents in.  We then come and shred the contents of each security container on a consistent schedule. Your schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or monthly.

Residential Shredding

You have piles of documents at home like bank statements, bills, medical records, and a whole host of other documents that contain your personal information.  Those documents can never be thrown in the trash without being shredded first to protect yourself against identity theft. FileShred brings secure residential shredding services to your Killingworth Connecticut home any day you need Monday through Saturday.

Hard Drive Destruction

Your hard drive is an electronic storage device in your computer that saves almost everything you do on the computer automatically.  When it is time to replace or just dispose of any computer the hard drive should be removed and physically destroyed. By doing so you are making the information disappear forever.  Just erasing or wiping a hard drive with software is not enough because it cannot guarantee all the information is gone. FileShred will come to your location and destroy your hard drives so the information can never be accessed again.

Thank you for considering FileShred and we hope you take the next step and give us a call.