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Professional shredding services in more than just destroying paper records it’s about a secure, convenient and easy process for you. FileShred works hard to make document destruction that way for you with our next day onsite service six days a week.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

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It all starts with you making a simple phone call to FileShred.   A real experienced member of our staff will answer the phone and get you started on an easy way to bring our secure shredding service to your Waterbury Connecticut home or office.  We will explain our services in a way that is easy for you to choose the right document destruction service for your needs. We also answer your questions so you have a complete understanding of what we do and how we do it.  During the same call, you will also be provided with a great quote and you can also schedule your shredding service at the same time.

Document Destruction That Comes to You in Waterbury CT

We are an onsite shredding service.  That means we come to you with one of our industrial paper shredding trucks and all of your documents are destroyed at your Waterbury CT location.  When our truck arrives you will see our uniformed shredding technician come to meet you and he will be wearing a company photo ID badge. He will then place the documents you’ve decided to destroy into a bin.  The bin then gets locked to protect your documents when they are moved to our paper shredding truck. At the truck, the shredding system will lift the bin and empty your papers right into the shredder and your files are destroyed on the spot.  You also have the option to see your files being shredded at the viewing station on the side of the truck.

What You Should Shred

It’s easy, everything! Private information is on more documents than you can imagine and that’s for both businesses and individuals.  The smallest information about you or your business can be used by identity thieves so play it safe and shred every document you want to throw away.  Statistics tell us that 50% of all documents have information on them that privacy laws require they are shredded when they are being disposed of so don’t take a chance, shred everything.

On-site Document Destruction Services for Any Business

Businesses shredding needs are as different as each of the businesses themselves.  For that reason, FileShred offers One-time and Scheduled Document Destruction Services in Waterbury Connecticut.

One-time File Purges & Shredding – When you need to securely shred documents only occasionally, our one-time shredding service is the answer.  Whatever the reason or frequency even if it is just once our, one-time purge service is available only when you need it. Our one-time service is available for any size shredding project.  We can shred one box of documents to thousands of boxes. We service any size job, any frequency and anytime you need us.

Scheduled Office Shredding – When you throw away documents regularly in the normal course of business you need our scheduled shredding service.  We provide locking containers to be left onsite at your Waterbury CT facility so you can dispose of documents whenever you need to. Then we come on a regular schedule to empty the containers and shred the documents.  You can choose a schedule that is weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or monthly.

We Bring document Destruction Services to Your Home

Our Residential Shredding Service is available to come to your Waterbury CT home and destroy your personal papers whenever you need us.  Our residential shredding service is available Monday through Saturday so there is no reason to take off a day from work or change your schedule to have your documents professionally shredded conveniently at your home.  Just give FileShred a call today to schedule your residential shredding service right away.

Hard Drive Destruction

Before you get rid of those old computers you need to remove the hard drives and have them destroyed.  One hard drive can hold millions of pages of documents. Many of the electronic documents have information on them that identity thieves would love to get their hands on.  The only safe way to make that information not accessible is to physically destroy the hard drive. FileShred will come to your Waterbury Connecticut location record the serial number of each hard drive, destroy the hard drive, and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

For an easy way to have your document shredded in Waterbury CT is to give FileShred a call today!