How to Make Room for the Holidays by Clearing Your Paper Clutter

red holiday bow on a white box laying on top of a pile of shredded documentsHow to Make Room for the Holidays by Clearing Your Paper Clutter

The end of the year is a great time to clear out the clutter in your home. For many people, that means sorting through a lot of paper and documents that have accumulated over the course of the year.

Take Back Your Home or Office

Stacks of paper all over the place do more than make your home look unorganized. It also causes a lot of inconvenience and frustration when you have to locate a specific document. To clear out extra space for the holiday season, and get prepared for the New Year, spend a couple of hours to sort through your paper clutter. When you do so, you’ll probably encounter documents that you need to dispose of, but contain sensitive information.

It’s no longer safe to just rip up the paper and toss it into the trash. It isn’t uncommon for criminals to dig through the garbage looking for personal information that they can exploit. To protect your private information from prying eyes, you need to make sure all of your documents are properly shredded.

Big Jobs Require Big Shredding Machines

Simple home shredders aren’t designed to handle a large amount of paper. If you have a lot of documents, it could take you hours to shred everything. Not to mention, if you don’t normally need to shred paper, a shredder could just become another piece of equipment that adds to the clutter!

Thankfully, you can get your unwanted documents easily taken care of by using a mobile shredding and document destruction service. FileShred will dispatch an expert shredding team to your home or office. Once there, they will help you dispose of unwanted paper and hard drives securely. You can even watch the process on a video screen installed on the side of the truck. That way you can rest easy knowing that your information is safe.

FileShred has plenty of options available for residents of the Hartford, Connecticut area. These include convenient mobile shredding programs as well as one-time document shredding services. FileShred is proud to also offer hard drive destruction, HIPAA shredding, and lots of other services in addition to regularly-scheduled shredding programs. See how you can clear the holiday clutter with help from the friendly local shredding experts at FileShred. Call today to see how this local shredding service can help you clean up after the holidays.