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If Shredding is the Question, FileShred is the Answer!

If you thought that having your documents securely and conveniently shredded right at your Marlborough CT home or office was not possible, you’re going to be happy to find out that it is with FileShred.

FileShred is Marlborough CT’s best onsite document destruction company because we make it easy and convenient for you. FileShred is an on-site service that brings one of our mobile shredding trucks to your Marlborough CT location and all of your confidential records are destroyed within walking distance to your front door.

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We Remain Open to Shred Your Secure Documents Right at Your Home or Business

Make Your  Shredding Appointment For The Date You Want

You probably have a lot of questions about how document shredding works, when you can have your documents shredded and how much does it cost. Our shredding professionals have all the answers and are eager to assist you. Just give us a call or complete our online contact form and we will call you. We will explain the shredding process, help you choose the best document shredding service for your needs, give you a reasonable quote, and then schedule your shredding service for the day that works best for you.  Do you have a particular day you need your documents shredded? Is there a day in your office that is better than another to shred documents? With FieShred you pick the day. FileShred provides next-day document shredding Monday through Saturday in Marlborough CT.

What Does Shredding Cost

Document shredding is a very inexpensive service for the security and convenience that we provide. With FileShred we have a very simple pricing structure, we charge a price per shredding container.  Each one of our bins holds 300 pounds of paper. You count the number of bins we shred and multiply it by the rate per container and that is your cost. The cost per shredding containers is based on the volume of paper you have to shred and the frequency of the shredding.

Certified Document Destruction Services for Businesses

Scheduled Office Shredding

Need Shredding on a Regular Basis?  When your company handles documents that contain the private information of your clients, employees, and your business you need to have a consistent document destruction program in place that you and your staff can rely on to be compliant with all federal and state regulations that relate to privacy protection. FileShred will provide lockable shredding containers for you to have in your offices so your staff has a secure place to safely store documents in until they are destroyed. We will then work with you to set up a consistent schedule that works for you such as weekly, bi-weekly, or every four weeks. You want a consistent shredding schedule so your document shredding policy is effective.

One-time File Purges

For our commercial clients that have a one time or occasional document destruction need then our one-time service is for you. The reason may be you just need to dispose of old business records that you have been holding onto for years or documents are just taking up to much space in your office. Whatever the reason, our one-time shredding service works well for an infrequent paper shredding need.

Home Shredding Services

Protecting your personal information is more important than ever with the continuing growth of identity theft.  These thieves get most of the information they need from paper documents.  That means you should never put any of your personal files in the trash where someone could get their hands on them.  Our residential shredding service will come to your Marlborough CT home and destroy your personal records so your information can no longer be accessed.  Our at-home service is available Monday through Saturday.

No Shredding Job is to Small or Too Large

Whether you have one box to shred or you have a warehouse full of documents to shred, FileShred has the resources to service any size document shredding project. Regardless of the size of the project, our staff will make the shredding of your documents easy because we do all the work under your direction.

Help Save Trees

Document shredding with FileShred is a very GREEN service. All of the paper we shred is recycled. That recycled paper is used to make many types of paper products such as paper towels. Every ton of paper we shred saves 17 trees. Shredding protects private information and also saves trees.

We Are Worth Getting To Know

  • We are family-owned and based in CT.
  • We are part of the communities we serve.
  • We’ll give you a quote and an appointment on your first call to our office.
  • Your documents are shredded at your location.
  • We do all the work even if it requires carrying your documents up or downstairs.
  • Our trucks work fast, they can shred 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.
  • Our staff is well trained, background checked and drug tested annually.
  • We are NAID AAA Certified which means we exceed the highest standards in the industry.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our document shredding services. We look forward to speaking with you.