Moving your Connecticut Office? It’s a Good Time to Shred!

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Moving your Connecticut Office?
It’s a Good Time to Shred!

When you’re moving your office, it’s time to go through things and decide what to keep and what to move.  It doesn’t pay to move things you can get rid of now.

Documents are one of those items that you can purge before you move. There are always documents that are no longer needed. The problem is that you just never had the time to go through them and decide if it was necessary to keep or dispose of them.

Send a Memo

An effective file purge is going to take time. Your staff will have to go through their desks and files to see what they don’t need anymore. Someone will have to take on the responsibility to go through file rooms and general file areas. A file purge will be more successful if your staff can do it over time at their convenience. So how can you do that? The best way is to engage a professional document shredding service. A quality service will provide you with enough shredding bins to place them in convenient locations throughout your office. That way they will be easily accessible to all of your employees. Then your staff goes through their files and just places them in the provided shredding bins. The document destruction company can come and empty and shred the documents whenever they are full so your employees can continue their file purge. Now you have a plan, so send a memo and let everyone know.

Every Piece of Paper Should Be Shredded

When you’re doing your file purge every piece of paper that your staff doesn’t need anymore should be put in the bins.  Here’s the reason why. Half of the documents will have information on them that privacy laws require they be shredded before they are discarded. So how do you decide? More importantly, what happens if someone misses something or makes a mistake? Err on the side of caution, and shred every piece of paper you’ve decided to purge. This way there’s less room for error.

After Your Move, Consider an Ongoing Shredding Program

The move is done, and you’re in your new office. Things are finally getting back to normal. Take advantage of the file purge being fresh in your staff’s minds. You should consider setting up an ongoing shredding program. That way, when documents are no longer needed, they are regularly and securely disposed of so they don’t accumulate again. Your shredding vendor will provide you with locking security containers for your staff to throw away documents in. You will no longer be putting paper records in a wastebasket. This is the best way to protect private business records on an ongoing basis. Then your paper shredding vendor will come on a regular schedule to empty and shred the documents.

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