Office Shredding in CT

Shred at Your Connecticut Office Tomorrow!

Every company in Connecticut deals with some volume of paper records.  When it’s time to eliminate some of those documents FileShred can take off for you at your office on the date that works best for you.  We offer next-day document destruction services six days a week to businesses throughout CT.

Set Up Your CT Document Destruction Appointment

All it takes to get some of your business records shredded is a phone call.  Our document destruction experts have been helping businesses across all industries destroy their paper records for years.  Let us apply that experience to your paper shredding project whether you need to do a one-time file purge or you want to set up an ongoing document destruction program.  We can give you a quote and book your appointment on the same call.  We shred for companies Monday through Saturday.

We Shred Where Your Company Records Are

Our fleet of high-powered paper destruction trucks allows us to go to where your files are to destroy them.  Our mobile commercial shredders can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour so we can efficiently complete any size document destruction project on-site.  With our on-site service, we can shred at your office to free up some space or at a storage facility to purge outdated records.  Our mobile service is available when and where your organization needs it.

When It Comes To Shredding Businesses Have Choices

One-time File Purges

If your record retention schedule is telling you it’s time to destroy some of your archived files or you have accumulated old no longer needed documents in your office our one-time service will eliminate them for you.  Whatever the reason or frequency our purge option is ready when and where you are.

Ongoing Office Shredding Programs

Your Company has an ethical and legal obligation to protect information on paper records.  Even when you no longer need a document you can’t just throw it out it must be securely disposed of and that calls for shredding.  Our scheduled service will make it easy for your staff and you’ll be compliant with privacy regulation.  We will place our locked containers in your office so all discarded documents are safely stored until they can be destroyed.  These bins and consoles are placed throughout your office so your entire staff can utilize them.   On a regular schedule, we will arrive at your office to remove the discarded documents from each security container and shred them.  Your schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Need a custom schedule where we can work with you to create one.

Home Office Shredding

If you are able to work from home you are still going to need to securely destroy business-related papers.  We will come to your home office and shred for you there anytime you need us.   You can have us destroy documents on an on-call basis or we can set up an ongoing automatic shredding program for you.

Host A Shredding Event

A great way to say thank you to customers or promote your business is to host a shredding event.  We will send one of our impressive shredding trucks to your location for a window of time to destroy documents for your guests.  All you have to do is invite clients to bring their papers to be destroyed.  We do all the work while you speak with customers or hand out promotional material about your business.

We can help your company properly destroy business records so give us a call today.