Outsourcing Document Shredding is a Good Business Decision

Outsourcing Document Shredding is a Good Business DecisionOutsourcing Document Shredding is a Good Business Decision

It Saves Money

Outsourcing your shredding needs to a mobile document destruction company is actually more cost effective than shredding your documents in-house with a personal shredder. When you take into consideration what you pay a member of your staff and the time it will take for them to feed the shredder it becomes very expensive.  You also have to take into consideration the opportunity costs which is what else that employee and be doing for your business to bring more revenue into your company.

A shredding company that has state of the art paper shredding trucks can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper in just one hour.  It would take your employees weeks to shred that much with an in-office shredder.

In-house Shredding is not practical

If you’ve ever had to use an office shredder you quickly learn how fickle they are and all the steps you have to take to keep them shredding.  The prep work is tedious.  You have to remove rubber bands, staples, paper clips and binder clips then separate the paper so it is not that thick to prevent the office shredder from jamming, breaking down or even worse overheating. Think about how much of an employee’s time is being wasted.

With a professional document shredding service there is very little prep work other than deciding what business records to destroy.  The powerful paper shredding trucks can destroy your files plus the rubber bands, staples, paper clips or binder clips and they save you time from having to shred just a few papers at a time.  All you have to do is deposit the documents in a container provided by the shredding service.

Have an On-going Shredding Program

Almost half of the documents you create in your office everyday get thrown away that very same day.  Also half of the documents you dispose of have information that regulations require they be destroyed in a manner that makes the information not retrievable, the best way to accomplish that is by shredding them.  A consistent Scheduled Shredding Service is the answer.

The shredding service will provide locking shredding containers usually at no additional cost to be placed strategically in your office to make it simple for all your employees to dispose of documents in the locked containers instead of regular waste baskets. Your business documents are kept secure until the document destruction service comes to empty them and destroy the contents.  Choose a consistent shredding schedule that your staff is aware of such as weekly or monthly.

What should be shredded?

Since half of the documents have some piece of protected information on them it behooves you to have a Shred All Policy.  This way it takes all the guess work out of having to decide what to shred or not since you will be shredding every piece of paper you dispose of.

Compliant Shredding

Outsourcing your document shredding provides an easier way to prove your regulatory compliance by having a paper trail that a good document destruction vendor will be able to provide.  If you do it in house it is more difficult to show auditors and regulators that you are compliant. To document you are compliant you would have to log every time you destroy business records, noting the name of the person that performed the destruction, list the type of files and the date. The shredding service will do that for you at no additional cost.

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